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Our Unique Proposition

At WES Consortium Canada Inc. supporting children, youth and individuals with special needs and unique abilities with their healthcare and social necessities is what we do. We provide integrated services by matching qualified healthcare professionals with clients.

WES (Welfare, Empathy & Safety) has been in the healthcare business for over 15 years providing quality services to clients in Ontario and throughout Canada. We provide healthcare and social support services to children, youths and seniors in hospitals, schools, group homes, community, family homes, other Caring Environment and social service settings. We speak our clients’ languages: ASL, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi etc.
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To assist families, individuals and organizations receive the healthcare support and social services they need.


To be a foremost provider of quality healthcare and youth services in the communities we serve.

Our core values guide everything we do

At WES Consortium Canada Inc. we provide healthcare services to individuals with disabilities at family homes and organizations. Our values are Commitment, Collaboration, Welfare, and Safety.


We are dedicated to the well-being of our clients through therapeutic engagement.


At WES, we work with clients and families according to their unique needs. We also collaborate with agencies and the government to provide excellent services to the people we support.


The welfare of our clients is paramount to us. At WES, we ensure that all the rights and privileges of the individuals we support are honoured.


Our organization guarantees an environment that is free from harm or threat of danger for the families and individuals we provide services to.