Writing Your Way to Happiness

Writing Your Approach to Happiness


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Journaling modifications your perspective

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Quite a few research have proven the advantages of writing out your emotions frequently.

However specialists are sometimes so targeted merely on motivating individuals to journal that they don’t talk about the significance of what to journal about.

That’s why, with the assistance of dual-board licensed psychiatrist Josh Lichtman, I developed a framework for my journaling follow primarily based round 9 parts (self-care, aim setting, acts of service, recognizing FEAR, coping with resentments, growing religion, recognizing progress, working towards gratitude and arising with new concepts). We’ve given the journal to individuals I work with and the outcomes have been wonderful: whole views have shifted in a matter of weeks.

After all, everybody goes to answer completely different journal prompts. So an important method so that you can begin journaling is to find out what facet of your life you need to deal with.

Discovering Your Focus

I had realized by means of restoration that my perspective, in terms of resentment, is usually out of whack. After I resent somebody, my ego usually steps in to persuade me I’m proper and the opposite individual is flawed, irrespective of the information.

My viewpoint tends to be equally skewed in terms of concern: my protection mechanisms usually stop me from even seeing after I’m afraid. Worry, I noticed after journaling about it for a while, usually registers for me as despair or loneliness, and even fatigue.

Journaling about my emotional discomfort forces me to see the half I play in my resentments and likewise provides me the area to acknowledge that quite a lot of my discomfort is concern.

Gratitude is Key

Everyone knows that it’s vital to really feel grateful and that gratitude lists are an exquisite method to instill the sensation. However simply how a lot of a distinction it might probably make is important.

Based on coach Tony Youngster, the writer of VisionShift, there are three types of gratitude: feeling it, writing it, and sharing it out loud. “Your gratitude spikes 42 % whenever you share it,” he explains.

Whereas I don’t all the time get to the purpose the place I’m sharing my gratitude out loud, I do attempt to write 5 issues I’m grateful for each evening.

Jeff Kober, a meditation instructor and the writer of Embracing Bliss: 108 Each day Meditations, has an annual ritual the place he invitations individuals over on New 12 months’s Eve and has them write a listing of 108 issues that they’re grateful for. “Gratitude is likely one of the shortcuts to bliss,” he says.

The Significance of Self-Care

One of the vital apparent and but ignored actions that helps individuals really feel their greatest is self-care, which is why I ask myself each evening what self-care I practiced that day. Because of this, I not solely get to expertise the advantages of self-care but in addition see how I can change it up.

Lots of my college students responded equally. “I meditate every day however I desperately want a self-care that is extra bodily and there have been a number of evenings I discovered myself going for a stroll as a result of I knew I needed to reply that query,” says meditation instructor and writer Jenna Tighe. “The query helped me be extra conscious of what’s actually wanted.”

“Self-care is usually the very first thing to go when persons are busy or confused,” says my journal marketing consultant, Josh Lichtman. “Each time a affected person tells me they really feel off and aren’t certain why, my first query is, ‘Have you ever been exercising?’ The reply is usually, ‘No.’ Realizing that you just’re going to be monitoring your self-care in a journal makes you so more likely to be accountable and really do it.”

It is essential to know, nonetheless, what self-care is to you. I learn that Oprah says she practices self-care by spending Sundays lounging round in her pajamas. I’d exit of my pores and skin if somebody informed me I needed to spend Sundays in my pajamas, since my type of self-care is extra alongside the strains of going out for a hike or seeing mates. So, because the saying goes, you do you.

After which write about it in your journal.

Setting Targets, Recognizing Progress and Religion

Aim setting, progress, and religion are three different parts we deal with within the night journal.

Since we all know that monitoring our progress helps us obtain our objectives, I all the time write down the steps I took towards attaining my objectives and the progress—private or skilled—I made every day.

However essentially the most vital facet of my journaling follow is after I acknowledge the function religion performs in my day. I do that by asking myself each evening what indicators I noticed that day that the universe was looking for me. It may be one thing so simple as not getting a parking ticket after I thought I’d. The purpose isn’t that God cares about my parking woes. It’s that this query retains me looking out for a religious connection all through the day. Oftentimes, simply the searching for is all it takes for me to really feel linked.

The Concepts Simply Circulation

My closing query each evening is about what concepts I got here up with that day. One way or the other, going by means of the above-described course of will get me clear sufficient to recollect concepts I could have thought in the course of the day or jotted down on items of paper I’d in all probability lose. Now they’re in a spot the place I can simply see which I need to pursue.

That is my final query as a result of I by no means really feel extra alive than after I’m brainstorming concepts, whether or not it’s for brand spanking new books, enterprise concepts, or private initiatives. And, psychologically talking, this is sensible. “Dopamine is triggered everytime you obtain one thing and brainstorming new concepts provides you a way that something is feasible,” Lichtman explains. “The mix floods your mind with feel-good chemical compounds.”

Really feel-good chemical compounds, new concepts, and development towards getting what you need? I say seize the pen and go get it.


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