Exam Anxiety ABC model2



This CBT train will allow you to to trace & map self-sabotaging issues that you simply DO.



Try the beneath templates of ABC examples – they map how your notion of a state of affairs or occasion causes your emotions and behaviours in response to it (‘ABC’ standing for: Activating Occasion – Beliefs and Ideas in regards to the occasion – Consequential Emotions and Behaviours).

For this train think about that your behaviour is perhaps self limiting and self defeating – and that this behaviour may turn out to be a nasty behavior sooner or later, which traps you in a vicious circle of unhealthy outcomes.


Self Sabotage ABC template

What could be the end result of the above form of behaviour? Do you assume this particular person would get what they need, and that this response is cool and rational?

How about this one?


Exam Anxiety ABC model2

Use this mannequin to information you in creating consciousness to establish the place you may need distorted unhelpful behavioural habits that look like justified and righteous, however are in reality based mostly on distorted pondering and feeling. Altering the belongings you do can change how you are feeling and the way you assume. Self administration is sensible.

Begin journalling and catching the place and when you’ve got self sabotaging habits that provide you with unhealthy outcomes, and set about altering the behavior to get higher outcomes – ‘do totally different’ – (and reframe the ideas that contribute to the state of affairs, and do not forget that emotions should not information).


If you happen to dispute and funky down your beliefs and ideas (the way you clarify issues to your self) do you assume which may allow you to to reply with productive behaviours as an alternative? Design new responses to traumatic conditions. Be cool. 




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