How to Spot and Survive a Narcissistic Boss

The right way to Spot and Survive a Narcissistic Boss


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Former U.S. President Donald Trump as soon as boasted, “My main advisor is myself.” Everyone knows individuals who crave consideration, shamelessly namedrop, have an inflated self-image, and search relentless reward. These behaviors are additionally attributed to narcissists—a time period that evokes curiosity and warning.

In as we speak’s period, elevated use of social media platforms like Fb and Instagram could contribute to folks’s narcissistic tendencies. This impacts the office. In consequence, it’s possible you’ll be susceptible to working for a narcissistic boss. The power to identify and survive a regime of the narcissistic decision-maker stands out as the distinction between realizing your potential—or not.

Recognizing a Narcissistic Boss

Narcissism encompasses an overblown sense of entitlement and self-importance. It goes past ego and veers towards an excessive want for recognition, legacy, and fame. It’s straightforward to think about limelight-cravers within the Twittersphere, film theatre, live performance, or sports activities stadium. A 2006 examine discovered that actuality TV personalities, actors, and musicians are sometimes extra narcissistic than the final inhabitants. This may increasingly even be prevalent in enterprise. And in response to three a long time of analysis, that is sometimes extra widespread in males than ladies.

Whereas psychologists measure this with the Narcissistic Grandiosity Scale, Psychological Entitlement Scale, or Narcissistic Character Stock, it’s potential so that you can spot traits by observing excessive traits. 9 signs can sign this underlying situation:

  1. Limelight hogger: Requires fixed admiration, interrupts, and craves obsequiousness with staff.
  2. Oxygen sucker: Not often permits room for anybody else’s opinions or wants.
  3. Grandiosity: Displays self-importance by extravagant boasting or name-dropping.
  4. Glory hunter: Rejects recommendation, maintains a excessive locus of management, and prefers “I” to “We.”
  5. Charmer: Seems clever, articulate, and socially adept, but can also be liable to vanity.
  6. Blamer: Allocates blame simply and doesn’t settle for accountability for failure or error.
  7. Tantrum thrower: Displays defensiveness and received’t take efficiency criticism.
  8. Low empathy: Reveals little regard for others and types shallow relationships.
  9. Emotionally dominant: Places others down to bolster self-appointed superiority.

As these behaviors span a spectrum, it’s potential that your boss reveals fledgling traits. Traits can even intertwine making it exhausting to disentangle them as there’s no easy demarcation with human conduct.

Narcissistic management isn’t new—it dates again centuries. Julius Caesar’s imaginative and prescient for the Roman empire is known as is Adolph Hitler’s obsession with implementing the “superior” grasp race. However using social media amongst professionals is amplifying this tendency.

Is Social Media a Contributor?

A examine from Korea exhibits that folks greater in narcissism are likely to submit selfies greater than counterparts decrease in narcissism. Grandiose exhibitionism is international. A survey of 10,000 Millennials discovered that 64 p.c assume Instagram is probably the most narcissistic platform adopted by Snapchat. Many admitted deleting posts that don’t get many likes—such is the disgrace of unpopularity. It’s not simply Millennials who submit completely curated scenes. On a current vacation, I noticed a child boomer making a minimum of 5 costume modifications to make sure the proper dawn shot.

Are professionals above shameful self-promotion? Does your boss solicit likes on platforms or casually level out posts “you may discover helpful”? Articulate, intelligent people succeed regardless of it—or, generally, due to it. We don’t are likely to condemn exhibitionist colleagues as narcissistic though self-aggrandizement could be contagious and individualism can each toxify tradition and dilute teamwork.

A Vibrant Aspect?

Harvard analysis suggests narcissistic can leaders add worth by turbocharging social progress. Their risk-taking could be extra excessive. Because the Eighties, the self-promoting CEO grew in recognition as Invoice Gates, Ray Dalio, and Steve Jobs graced journal covers. At this time, many corporations domesticate people with the braveness to shift in new instructions. Mockingly, some narcissistic persons are discovered to encourage vital followings based mostly on their capacity to allure.

However narcissistic folks additionally obtain antagonistic notoriety. Simply as narcissism could be synonymous with success, journal covers additionally characteristic self-absorbed Ponzi schemists, rogue merchants, and scandalized CEOs.

A narcissistic persona dysfunction is commonly confused with psychopathy, typical of serial killers like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, or the Golden State Killer. Whereas psychopaths are delinquent and lack whole empathy, narcissists are typically extra grandiose and self-adoring. A captivating veneer can simply masks the distinction. Of their 2006 guide, Snakes in Fits, Drs. Paul Babiak and Robert Hare argue that some organizational leaders can exhibit related traits to psychopaths.

Surviving a Narcissistic Boss

The power to identify office narcissism is barely half the battle, but it surely’s a begin. How are you going to navigate and survive a regime beneath this kind of boss? As a behavioral scientist, I provide some ideas.

  1. Don’t poke the bear. With an excessive must really feel essential, the narcissistic boss can be defensive and counterattack. You’re prone to grow to be its prey relatively than its grasp. Don’t casually apply this inflammatory label.
  2. Change your expectations. Ideas like teamwork, kindness, and listening are redundant beneath this regime. Be real looking. Visions could be as flamboyant and unstable as their homeowners. Don’t dwell in false hope about your skills being acknowledged. Think about shifting roles, departments, and even corporations the place vital.
  3. Solicit assist. Human conduct is complicated. Though it’s possible you’ll really feel assured in influencing the narcissistic individual, it’s unlikely. Acquire impartial assist while you really feel it’s warranted.
  4. Perceive the character. Narcissistic choices are hardly ever intentional. Consultants counsel an emotionally disadvantaged childhood contributes to this want for recognition, performed on a public stage.

Narcissism Important Reads

Narcissistic leaders make choices that have an effect on not simply you but in addition these round you. Honing an early warning system for this persona kind can act as a long-term supply of energy—enhancing the chances that it’s you who graces the covers of magazines—and for the best causes.

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