The Quantum Mind: From NDEs to Post-Materialist Science

The Quantum Thoughts: From NDEs to Publish-Materialist Science


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“All the pieces that may be counted doesn’t essentially rely; every thing that counts can not essentially be counted.”

—Albert Einstein

Partly 1 of this collection, “Quantum Thoughts,” we discovered that the thoughts enhances matter, simply because the particle facet of matter enhances its wave facet. Consciousness can interface with the fabric world as a result of matter and power are interchangeable. Within the age of quantum mechanics, the bodily world is now not seen as the first or sole part of actuality.

On this put up, we will prolong these core concepts to embody near-death experiences, telepathic communication, and previous life recollections. And we will be launched to post-materialism science.

Close to-Loss of life Experiences

Thinker and psychiatrist Raymond Moody, whose 1975 guide, Life After Life, detailed the experiences of greater than 100 individuals who survived “scientific” loss of life however have been revived, coined the time period Close to-Loss of life Experiences (NDEs).

NDEs are triggered throughout singular life-threatening episodes when the physique is injured by blunt trauma, a coronary heart assault, asphyxia, or shock. When revived, these folks inform us what it was like for them to exist poised between life and loss of life. Such folks share strikingly related narratives: They communicate of getting skilled fantastic sensations of peaceable tranquility and happiness, seeing a welcoming golden glow, usually on the finish of a tunnel, being greeted by deceased family members, or detaching from their physique and floating above it and even flying off into area. They usually really feel obliged to select—stay on this different world, in different phrases useless—or, return to life.

Often, they relate perceiving themselves from a perspective above or to the facet of their bodily physique and describe precisely the conversations of the medical workers current within the room in addition to the medical interventions that have been carried out on them. They declare that their spirit left their physique and noticed what they shouldn’t have been capable of observe provided that they have been clinically useless.

The vast majority of NDE survivors change into wholly reworked by the expertise. They develop into extra caring, much less self-centered individuals, extra engaged with serving to others, and fewer afraid of dying.

The phenomenon is remarkably constant throughout cultures and religions and has been reported by youngsters and toddlers. That is noteworthy as a result of skeptics have raised the objection to the credibility of those accounts by declaring that they could be as a consequence of non secular indoctrination. Not like adults or older youngsters, younger youngsters or toddlers aren’t uncovered to non secular doctrine. But they report near-death experiences just like older youngsters and adults.

In 2014, Sam Parnia, important care and resuscitation specialist at New York’s NYU Langone Medical Middle, revealed the world’s largest research of what occurs to the human thoughts and consciousness within the early interval across the time of loss of life. Based mostly on his analysis, Parnia believes that the acutely aware thoughts continues working after the guts stops beating and the mind stops working for a while. The research of near-death experiences is difficult the concept our thoughts fades to black when our physique expires.

Telepathic Communication

Telepathic communication is one other instance of how the ideas and emotions of 1 particular person can have an effect on one other. Think about you’re ingesting a cup of espresso at Starbucks and immediately, you might have this sense that somebody is taking a look at you from behind. You flip round and also you meet the eyes of the one who was taking a look at you. How did you apprehend that?

Or, take into account the accounts of equivalent twins. Maybe as many as one in 5 declare to share one thing mysterious: a particular psychic connection. Equivalent twins are sometimes very shut and share not solely genes however residence environments, buddies, garments, and, in fact, secrets and techniques.

A few years in the past, I recall seeing a affected person who had a twin brother dwelling tons of of miles away. One night time, this man, let’s name him Paul, immediately skilled an awesome feeling of dread. Satisfied it concerned his twin brother, he rushed to the cellphone and known as him. His spouse answered and mentioned that her husband, Paul’s brother, was concerned in a severe automotive accident. A whole bunch of such occurrences have been reported. These are cases of telepathic communications that presently neither classical physics nor psychology can clarify.

Previous Life Recollections

Lastly, there may be the astonishing work that professor of drugs, Ian Stevenson, revealed in six volumes by the College Press of Virginia, based mostly on stories of tons of of strange youngsters who declare to have had previous life recollections. From this group, he chosen 20 instances by which the element of recollections is so correct and confirmed by a number of checks that in his opinion they symbolize real reminiscences from earlier lives.

Bodily vs. Psychological Phenomena

It’s possible you’ll properly ask: The place do these phenomena originate? Certainly, not from skinny air. Little question within the mind and all its linked networks, the constructions that assist the embodied thoughts. This brings on extra questions. Is the thoughts separate from the physique? What’s it made from? The place does it dwell?

Bodily phenomena, a minimum of on the macroscopic degree, have a location in area and might be quantified. Alternatively, psychological phenomena can’t be localized and can’t be quantified. The brand new technology of post-materialist scientists and people acquainted with quantum physics have taken a run at this puzzling conundrum.

Publish-Materialist Science

Using this momentum, Stuart Hameroff, from the departments of anaesthesiology and psychology, College of Arizona, Tucson, supported by Sir Roger Penrose along with a bunch of scientists from quite a lot of fields comparable to neuroscience, biology, medication, psychiatry, and psychology initiated a brand new science they name post-materialist science. These scientists emphasize that science is at the beginning a non-dogmatic, open-minded technique of buying information about nature by way of the remark, experimental investigation, and theoretical clarification of phenomena. Its methodology is just not synonymous with materialism and isn’t dedicated to any specific perception, dogma, or ideology.

I totally assist this stand. We should always comply with the proof and depend on the info.


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