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AngryManMany individuals that suffer from stress issues develop Low Frustration Tolerance (LFT) – this can be a time period coined by one of many founding fathers of CBT, Dr Albert Ellis, referring to once we think about we can’t and won’t and mustn’t must tolerate circumstances that frustrate us (eg circumstances that trigger us discomfort, and anger us). “I REFUSE TO TOLERATE THIS!!!” *tears door off hinges *kicks the cat…. (metaphorically talking)

Which in fact is just not fairly rational, is it? – provided that with stress issues just about the whole lot frustrates us – and we over-respond to typically benign or impartial conditions which can be in actuality both no large deal, or nothing that we can’t address. So how can we study to be cool?

Know what you possibly can management and what you can not management, that’s the secret to good psychological well being, (thanks Greek stoics). The concept that now we have a supreme ‘entitlement’ to not be triggered any discomfort is irrational. Typically it merely is what it’s, plus observe that if stress is distorting your considering, and inflicting a trippy nervous system and excessive emotional states, nicely you possibly can’t even be trusted as a dependable narrator of precisely what the scenario is.

The CBT resolution to develop Excessive Frustration Tolerance (or higher nonetheless, to dismantle irrational useless frustration solely in lots of cases)? Intentionally and consciously develop new abilities in self consciousness and self administration by way of ‘thought stopping’ to disrupt the automated LFT behavior.


handnosignThought Stopping: start to construct a brand new behavior of noticing conditions the place you might be utilizing the low frustration tolerance distorted considering behavior – and consciously and intentionally interrupt and disrupt it. Cool your self down with rational reframing as an alternative – go from 70% anger to 35% irritation in seconds, then let it go… It’s a science, consider it


EvidenceMagnifyingGlassAbstract: reframe and change: Discover the LFT – cease it in its tracks – study it for proof – and change it with different wholesome considering. Really feel higher. Behave higher. Dump the behavior. This technique works greatest when you WRITE IT DOWN within the first couple of weeks – discover the way you clarify issues to your self, study the considering, and reshape it with precise literal statements which can be in your phrases and language. That is referred to as ‘studying by discovery, and is extra more likely to stick in your head as a ability that may be performed rapidly as a psychological activity. Listed below are a couple of common ones I did earlier. Make yours extra particular to handle the difficulty itself:


Low Frustration Tolerance considering: Reframe with a Rational Thought Substitute
I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO TOLERATE – so I can’t tolerate this. It’s very foolish (irrational) to think about I shouldn’t must tolerate issues I discover irritating, as a result of my stress is a dysfunction and I discover just about the whole lot irritating! Even benign impartial occasions. So… that’s not going to work out. It’s extra true and rational to thought-stop and remind myself that I’m over responding to occasions and conditions that aren’t actually a giant deal, and that I can settle for actuality in a cooler and extra proportional manner, and that I do have the sources to manage.

{Breathe it down…. Reframe… )

I CAN NOT TOLERATE – so I jam ustifed in exploding with anger at this INJUSTICE! The concept that I can’t tolerate conditions I disapprove of: peoples behaviour, random occasions, unsatisfactory circumstances, and so forth, is definitely unfaithful. I CAN tolerate them, I simply don’t wish to, so I REFUSE TO. Which is kind of ridiculous (irrational) since I can’t management others or the world or primary details and realities, so I’m actually simply inflicting myself and others pointless upsetness with this sort of ‘rule’ and perspective and behavior.

It’s extra true and rational to say that I might PREFER NOT TO HAVE TO TOLERATE this, however I can tolerate it, and I’m okay, it’s okay.

[know what you can control and what you cannot control, that is the rational thinking core).

I can’t bear ! That’s a bit foolish (irrational). If I ‘couldn’t bear it’ I’d drop down lifeless or burst into flames, as a result of ‘it’ is occurring – but right here I’m. It’s extra true to say that I’ve issues coping, and I want I didn’t must bloody cope, however that I’m doing my greatest. Accepting that I can’t bear one thing as true is irrational, and may develop into a self fulfilling prophecy (it maximises my discomfort and activates my risk response, normally leading to self sabotaging, or self defeating, or self limiting, behaviours).

It’s extra true and rational to say that I can bear this, I’d simply want if I bore stress extra simply, however I’ve a stress dysfunction and I can solely do my greatest – I’m doing my greatest, and my greatest is sweet sufficient – and evolving and altering and getting higher…

breathe it down… and let it go



Strive it for your self! Click on HERE to obtain a PDF that has this publish and a second web page with a big model of the beneath desk so that you can print and journal in. 


Low Frustration Tolerance considering: Actually? Reframe with rational considering:
I can’t tolerate:


I can’t tolerate:


I mustn’t must tolerate:






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