The CBT of the top bad thinking habits

The CBT of the highest unhealthy pondering habits


This submit is a ‘chunky imagery’ record of the unhealthy habits we develop in how we view the world, which of them do you could have? Construct consciousness and administration of them, and alter the way you suppose and really feel and behave.

Identify it and tame it.

As you change into acquainted with your self-talk, journal it, or mind dump key concepts into your notes app in your cellphone, constructing consciousness of when and the way you’re utilizing the unhealthy pondering habits – after which evaluate and design new self-talk to switch them, actually – utilizing cool reasonable language you can activate when wanted.

You possibly can create a routine by sporting a colored rubber band in your wrist – simply having it there reminds you to thought-stop and reframe – and you’ll play with it and snap it calmly while you’re reframing dramatic simplistic unhelpful pondering to rational proof primarily based pondering. Be your individual little Buddha. That’s CBT.


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