The CBT awareness imagery models

The CBT consciousness imagery fashions


Scroll under and talk about what this imagery represents:

My Sample Model:

Think about the next patterns – therapists should not have any downside recognising them, and understanding what they imply – and engaged learners who use them to unpack ideas, physicality, feelings, and behaviours, can develop very efficient visualisation and understanding and regulation.

  • The primary presents despair/anxiousness pondering that activates the risk response and influences emotional upset and self-sabotaging behaviour
  • The second presents anxiousness as a bodily difficulty the place the risk response is all the time on and is influencing unfavourable predicting and inflicting upset and self-sabotaging.
  • The third represents low temper (chemical despair / PMT / fatigue / Sickness / and many others) which influences self-sabotaging or self-limiting or self-defeating behaviours which in flip affect unfavourable reasoning and the risk response pumping up.
  • The fourth represents self-sabotaging behavioural habits, (avoidance, procrastination, self-medicating, lashing out, sulking… and many others), that pairs with pumping up our risk response, and drives unfavourable pondering and emotional upset.

My supplies use this constant imagery all through, as a result of brains love key concepts and visuals, and shoppers rapidly and simply study to grasp these patterns and what they symbolize too, in order that they will higher separate and unpack their notion and life expertise…

Focus on…

Obtain this put up as a printable PDF right here:


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