Step Into Full Body Awareness to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

Step Into Full Physique Consciousness to Overcome Stress and Anxiousness


Human beings are traditionally an itinerant species. As hunter-gatherers, we moved as a way to survive.

Even as we speak, motion is as pure to us as respiration. However as we have advanced, we have turn into a really psychological species. The mind’s giant frontal cortex is designed for decision-making. That implies that it is also glorious at worrying and enthusiastic about potential conditions and outcomes.

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Escape these Psychological Sharks with Embodied Motion!

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Additionally, a convergence of occasions has made us much less energetic. Many people work at computer systems (myself included, as I write this).

The pandemic has made working remotely from residence extra commonplace. Extra individuals are shopping for groceries and different important items on-line. All this may imply that we transfer much less, all of the whereas spending extra time in our heads, planning, considering, and, sure, worrying.

Fear Hijacks Your Consideration

By way of mind science, virtually something that will get you worrying hijacks your consideration and prepares you for battle or flight–whereas concurrently turning on the physique’s stress response.

That is as a result of the amygdala, the a part of the mind designed to guard us from threats, is at all times on, at all times receiving enter from our senses. It is like a hearth alarm ready to detect smoke after which sound the alarm. The issue, nonetheless, is that since we’re primed to consider the long run and fear about issues that can doubtless by no means occur, we’re in a fixed state of preparedness.

We have to re-calibrate that fireplace alarm (amygdala) by stepping again into the current second. If you get into the current second, you re-capture and reclaim your consideration. One of the simplest ways to reclaim the current is to get embodied by even just a few moments of intentional motion.

Step Into Your Physique and Reclaim the Current Second

As a psychotherapist, I labored with many anxious purchasers. Usually, I might recommend we transfer round my workplace utilizing intentional or aware strolling. I bear in mind one particular person who was besieged by anxious ideas. Nobody was within the ready room, so we did aware strolling for about 5 minutes, snaking from my workplace down a brief hallway to the ready room. Every step was achieved by setting an intention and observing because the physique moved. (To be taught aware strolling, see the three-step follow beneath.) We concluded perhaps three of those circuits round my workplace. Then, as my shopper ready to take a seat down, I requested him, “Whereas we had been strolling, the place had been your anxious ideas?”

I nonetheless bear in mind the shocked expression, his eyes opening huge. “I did not have any. They had been gone!” he exclaimed. With out realizing it, the aware strolling follow had introduced him right into a present-moment consideration state.

Analysis from psychologist Elissa Epel and mobile biologist Elizabeth Blackburn illustrates how psychological stress impacts us on the mobile degree by shortening our telomeres, a construction on the finish of chromosomes. Telomeres are a organic marker of growing old. The examine concluded, “Ladies with the best ranges of perceived stress have telomeres shorter on common by the equal of not less than one decade of extra growing old in comparison with low-stress ladies.” In different phrases, a current second consciousness state slowed down cell growing old and promoted cell longevity.

Motion by itself would not alleviate stress and fear. However when achieved consciously and deliberately, getting embodied can assist you be extra current so you may act from a extra calm and centered place. Use the follow beneath everytime you really feel pressured or anxious, corresponding to whereas strolling to the automotive, going right into a workers assembly, or strolling into your own home.

Three-Step Conscious Strolling Follow for Decreasing Stress and Anxiousness

As you put together to stroll, set an intention for every step and motion you’re taking. This could be a psychological intention, stated silently. For instance, you may set the intention to “take a step with my proper foot,” after which you’ll observe up by taking that step. As you’re taking the step, you’ll observe and see very carefully the way it feels as your foot lifts up, strikes ahead, touches down, and even the way it feels as you shift the load from one aspect of the physique to the opposite.

In different phrases, that is actually a easy Three-step strategy of

  1. Setting an intention.
  2. Following up with motion.
  3. Noticing and observing the motion intimately. It’s that straightforward!

This follow, together with a number of others for lowering anxiousness and stress, is in The Mindfulness Toolbox. Additionally, remember that there are a lot of methods to get totally embodied with motion, from a follow of yoga and qigong to aware strolling. Even a gradual, light intentional stretch or simply giving your self a soothing self-hug are methods of reclaiming consideration by motion.

Get pleasure from every motion you’re taking that brings you into your presence!


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