Russia Ukraine War and First-Generation Holocaust Survivors

Russia Ukraine Conflict and First-Technology Holocaust Survivors


This temporary contribution is supposed to alert clinicians to the emotional penalties some grownup youngsters of Holocaust survivors are experiencing. They cope with bodily and emotional reactions to tv and social media photos of the slaughter and uprooting of Ukrainian residents.

As a working towards psychologist, I’ve handled many youngsters and different shut kinfolk of holocaust survivors for varied emotional and behavioral issues all through my fifty-year profession.

Many such issues have included dealing with parental silence about their warfare experiences, or conversely, feeling overwhelmed with guilt and helplessness when mother and father had been open and trustworthy about their trauma.

However that is completely different!

I’m presently treating three first-generation feminine survivors aged 64, 66, and 70. All three have acknowledged recurrently watching tv information experiences of the bodily and emotional devastation of the Ukrainian residents caught up within the barbarism unleashed on their nation.

Every has reported related reactions :

  1. A deeper understanding of what profound terror their mother and father endured, accompanied by a way of disappointment, disgrace, or guilt on the lack of getting had such understanding earlier of their lives. This was significantly highly effective in the course of the first few days of the warfare, as they acknowledged the pure shock their mother and father should have felt as their lives modified utterly.
  2. Varied somatic complaints (e.g., complications, gastrointestinal complaints, and so forth.) typically appeared temporally associated to the tv viewing.
  3. A cognitive battle about whether or not to proceed watching the information recurrently or trying to keep away from it altogether.
  4. In observing this explicit real-time warfare, they had been conscious that they skilled nervousness that felt qualitatively completely different from the nervousness they’d felt watching previous World Conflict II movies of comparable bombings and refugee displacement. The distinction was significantly acute when observing girls and youngsters crowding onto trains, touring towards security, or leaving their husbands and sons at border crossings to defend their nation. Every identified that their mother and father had by no means had these alternatives.

Clinicians working with this inhabitants have to be significantly conscious of the potential for the distinctive results of the present invasion and warfare on their sufferers.


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