Treatment of Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania) with Hypnosis

Remedy of Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania) with Hypnosis


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Youngsters (and sometimes youthful kids) can develop a behavior of pulling their hair from their scalp, eyebrows, or eyelashes. This behavior is thought medically as trichotillomania and typically referred to as “trich.”

The conduct typically begins round puberty and could be triggered by stress. Folks affected by trichotillomania typically really feel nervousness if they can not pull their hair, which is relieved as soon as it’s pulled. Some folks even report feeling hooked on pulling their hair.

Typically, sufficient hair is pulled that it’s seen to others, corresponding to a bald spot on the top or lacking eyelashes. Many individuals with trichotillomania really feel ashamed of their conduct, and this causes them to have decrease vanity.

Remedy of trichotillomania entails educating sufferers to keep away from their triggers of this conduct and substitute one other self-soothing conduct. Hypnosis could be very helpful with each of those approaches.

The hypnotic state can be used to show sufferers methods to make use of the “Serving to Hand” approach to cease trichotillomania. With this methodology, when sufferers elevate a hand with the intent of pulling their hair, their different hand is taught to softly grasp the other wrist and pull down the hand.

Prevention of Triggers of Hair Pulling

Since stress is the commonest set off of trichotillomania, sufferers profit from dealing higher with their stress.

Hypnosis can be utilized to establish the stressors in sufferers’ lives, together with by interviewing their unconscious. As soon as sufferers can higher outline their stressors, they’re ready to deal with them extra successfully. For instance, a 14-year-old pulling her hair came upon that this began when her canine handed away. After processing her grief by way of dialogue along with her therapist, her want to tug her hair was resolved.

One other set off of trichotillomania generally is a sure location, corresponding to faculty or mendacity in mattress. For instance, a affected person could have discovered faculty to be a worrying surroundings and began pulling his hair there to calm himself. After that, he at all times pulled his hair at college, even when he was not burdened. Hypnosis can be utilized to disrupt the affiliation of a location with the necessity to pull hair.

Introducing a New Self-Soothing Conduct

Since hair pulling could be very soothing for some sufferers, you will need to train them one other means of self-soothing earlier than asking them to cease their hair pulling.

Hypnosis can assist set off a leisure response to assist sufferers higher address their stress. The relief could be achieved when sufferers discover ways to use hypnosis to shift their mindset to a calmer state shortly.

Additional, throughout hypnosis, gradual, deep respiratory (involving the diaphragm) can improve the soothing response. Such deep respiratory causes the physique to launch soothing chemical compounds into the bloodstream.

Optimistic self-talk may assist sufferers really feel higher. For instance, sufferers would possibly inform themselves, “I could be calm,” “I need to really feel peaceable,” or “I’ll develop into extra comfy as soon as I chill out.”


Trichotillomania could be resolved utilizing hypnosis for the aim of lowering the results of its triggers and employment of different self-soothing methods.


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