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Overcoming Procrastination – Psychologist Gold Coast


“Motion is a superb restorer and builder of confidence. Inaction will not be solely the outcome, however the trigger, of worry. Maybe the motion you’re taking might be profitable; maybe totally different motion or changes should observe. However any motion is healthier than no motion in any respect.”

– Norman Vincent Peale


What’s procrastination, why can we do it, and why is it unhealthy?


This weblog publish we’re going to take a look at overcoming procrastination. Procrastination is the motion of delaying or suspending issues. It’s regular. All of us procrastinate sometimes. Nonetheless, procrastination can turn into an actual difficulty when it will get in the best way of us finishing the duties we have to or it results in distressing emotions comparable to, inadequacy, frustration or helplessness.

You will need to bear in mind procrastinating typically stems from being overwhelmed (both a job appears too huge, we expect we’ll fail so would possibly as nicely not even attempt or we’ve got an excessive amount of on our plates… to examine ideas for managing burnout see right here). So, a whole lot of the concepts round serving to procrastination are about breaking bigger duties down and specializing in the fast steps somewhat than the entire challenge. To learn extra about why we procrastination see right here.

The quote on the high of this web page is a superb reminder that motion is all the time higher than no motion. We don’t should have all of it found out. We will merely begin placing small steps in place. The extra we obtain, the extra course and readability we’ve got a couple of job and the extra assured we really feel in our talents.

So, while procrastination could relieve stress and ugly emotions within the second, the long run prices and particularly over time are much more detrimental. Procrastination has been linked to elevated stress which may result in heart problems. And procrastination is usually a typical symptom of melancholy.


Utilizing Cognitive Behavioural Remedy for Procrastination


Typically procrastination steps from the unhelpful and irrational ideas we’ve got about finishing a challenge. For this reason Cognitive Behavioural Remedy (or CBT) is usually a useful technique. And psychologists use this to assist with overcoming procrastination. CBT seems at how our ideas affect our feelings which affect our behaviours. For instance, if I’ve irrational ideas round getting a job completed then this may increasingly make me really feel scared to finish the duty which is able to result in me not doing the duty.

Examples of Irrational Ideas Which Result in Unproductive Emotions Which Result in Procrastination


Thought: “I have to get every little thing proper”

Emotion: “I really feel overwhelmed, pressured and ashamed”

Behaviour: Procrastination


Thought: “If it’s not completed excellent, there’s no level making an attempt”

Emotion: “I really feel helpless, ineffective, and never ok”

Behaviour: Procrastination


Thought: “What’s the purpose”

Emotion: “I really feel entitled and like these duties don’t matter”

Behaviour: Procrastination


Thought: “I ought to be capable of do every little thing simply and effortlessly. That is taking an excessive amount of time”

Emotion: “I really feel anxious, embarrassed, and burdened”

Behaviour: Procrastination


Understanding our Ideas to Overcome Procrastination


Nonetheless, these are only a few examples. To beat our personal procrastination habits, we want to concentrate on our personal patterns. Take into consideration the irrational ideas you might have round procrastination. To know our ideas, it may be useful to journal about them. Discover the fears or ideas that accompany your procrastination and take into consideration how one can change these with more healthy and extra productive ones. Take into consideration the duties that you simply keep away from and the ideas and emotions which come up whenever you do different issues than your work. After which take into consideration the strengths and abilities you should utilize that can assist you cope.


Once we begin to concentrate on our ideas round procrastination and work to reframe them, we are able to put behavioural methods in place that assist us with our procrastination habits. You will need to discover a technique that works for you. Set your self the challenged of making an attempt two of the methods beneath every week and see which of them’ be just right for you. After which take a look at making these part of your common routine.


Different Useful Behavioural Methods for Overcoming Procrastination


  • Make an inventory and prioritise duties from low, medium to excessive significance
  • Break bigger duties down into extra manageable duties
  • Do up a schedule and practise good time administration
  • Remove distractions (people aren’t superb at resisting so relating to distractions it’s best to take away them…flip your cellphone off, shut your e-mail tab and transfer away from pals or household that rope you into enjoyable conversations)
  • Work for set durations of time and take common breaks
  • Get clear about your objectives and maintain coming again to them
  • Reward your self to your achievements
  • Practise gratitude and self-compassion for the efforts you make (to examine why self-compassion is necessary see right here)


When all of it appears an excessive amount of, the significance of taking a step again


It’s very easy to continuously get caught up in our “to do” lists. However bear in mind, we aren’t machines. We make errors, want days off and might have fun our achievements. So, relating to getting issues completed, maintain your pondering in test and work by at your personal tempo. This sequence has been about your journey to overcoming procrastination.

To complete up, in case you are combating procrastination, seeing a psychologist might help us to firstly, perceive the the reason why we procrastinate and secondly, recurrently discover methods like CBT which might help us to handle our procrastination

To seek the advice of with a CBT Professionals psychologist, please obtain our referral kind right here and take it with you to your GP appointment. We hope to be of help quickly! Keep in mind to succeed in out when you want additional help.


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