Oregon’s Big Drug Decriminalization Gamble

Oregon’s Huge Drug Decriminalization Gamble


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In 2020, Oregon voters authorised Measure 110, which decriminalized small portions of medicine calculated as the quantity an individual may need for private use. This legislation went into impact on February 1, 2021.

This legislation didn’t imply that drug possession was authorized, however somewhat that the person wouldn’t be arrested. As a substitute, they might obtain a quotation requiring a $100 positive. That individual might keep away from the positive in the event that they referred to as a hotline for a well being evaluation screening and, in the event that they select, obtain a referral to a drug remedy service.

How a lot of every substance could possibly be possessed? Something underneath these quantities:

  • Two grams of methamphetamine
  • Two grams of cocaine
  • Forty doses of LSD
  • Forty doses of oxycodone or methadone
  • One gram of heroin
  • One gram or 5 capsules of MDMA (ecstasy)
  • Twelve grams of psilocybin

What number of particular person doses would these portions of methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin make? The reply will depend on how diluted the product is and the way lengthy an individual has been utilizing it. It additionally will depend on how accustomed to every sort of drug the consumer has develop into. However here’s a basic guideline:

  • With a really pure methamphetamine product, for instance, a brand new consumer may use a tenth of a gram, and a long-term consumer may use a gram.
  • With a much less pure methamphetamine product, a brand new consumer may use a half gram at a time, a long-term consumer might use 3 or extra grams.
  • Heroin is commonly offered in one-tenth of a gram packets.
  • An individual new to cocaine is probably going to make use of a tenth of a gram at a time.

Was it the best time to decriminalize medicine in Oregon, or was this an enormous gamble on the State’s half? Whereas it’s going to take time to have a definitive reply to this query, some information is out there now to get an early reply.

Has This Change of Legislation Been Useful or Dangerous?

Addict is calling for help

That’s not a straightforward query to reply at this level. What’s most necessary is to make sure that a legislation of this kind is getting assist to those that want it. On this level, Rachel Dawson of the Blue Mountain Eagle reported on 20 December 2021: “As predicted, fewer drug arrests have been made in 2021… As of November, there have been 68 complete well being evaluation screenings. Nonetheless, 49 callers weren’t all in favour of assets and merely underwent the evaluation to flee the positive, whereas solely 11 folks have been related to some type of dependancy or restoration service.”

What is simpler to evaluate at this early date is the harm that may be created even with these personal-use portions of medicine.

  • For some folks, methamphetamine and heroin are quickly addictive. Whereas some folks can use these medicine a number of occasions after which cease, for others, a single publicity to methamphetamine or heroin is all it takes to hook them.
  • One gram of heroin might represent as many as ten separate makes use of of that drug. It could not be shocking that an individual may use heroin ten occasions after which discover they lose the power to make the selection to not use once more.
  • Forty doses of oxycodone or methadone could possibly be sufficient to kill a classroom full of highschool college students, relying on the quantity of opioid drug in every tablet.

The best way the system in Oregon is working proper now, the state has successfully eliminated any authorized penalty from utilizing medicine. There’s no argument that many justice programs want enchancment. After we make a quick and dramatic change like this, nonetheless, it might remove one drawback whereas creating one other.

Was Oregon Ready for This Change?

Measure 110 was promoted as being supposed to get drug customers referred to rehab somewhat than arresting them. That’s an excellent intention if extra Oregonians do get assist to cease utilizing medicine. Nonetheless, distinction Oregon’s scenario with Portugal’s. In any case, Portugal’s system of referring drug customers to remedy as an alternative of arresting them was a mannequin for Oregon after they deliberate Measure 110.

Portugal police officers

In 2001, Portugal took the same step, decriminalizing medicine possessed for an individual’s personal use. If people are discovered to have medicine, they’re referred to as earlier than one of many Commissions for Dissuasions of Drug Habit. That Fee decides what motion needs to be taken for an individual showing the primary time. They may obtain both a warning or a positive. If that individual chooses to enter drug remedy, their positive shall be suspended. Remedy is paid for by the federal government of Portugal.

If the individual is named earlier than the Fee a second time or it’s decided that they’re addicted, the Fee has the facility to impose penalties on that individual. They may be prevented from receiving public advantages or an expert license except they comply with endure drug remedy. The Fee also can demand experiences from the individual that they don’t seem to be utilizing medicine at a later date.

João Goulão, Portugal’s director-general of drug coverage commented on an important level about their system: “Decriminalization shouldn’t be a silver bullet. Should you decriminalize and do nothing else, issues will worsen.”

In Portugal, with penalties in place to strongly encourage an individual to simply accept assist and state-provided rehabilitation for these in want, Portugal has extra of the important parts in place that will be wanted to cut back the quantity of drug use.

After all, even in Portugal, if an individual possesses greater than these minimal quantities of medicine, they’ll go to jail.

Oregon’s Present State of affairs, Based on Oregonians

About Oregon’s present system, Tony Vezina weighed in. He’s the director of Dimension Restoration Middle and chair of the Oregon Alcohol and Drug Coverage Fee. Whereas he’s tasked with enhancing remedy companies within the state, he says this in regards to the aftermath of Measure 110: “We haven’t constructed something new, so now we have to quickly design a brand new system strategically. However Oregon doesnt function strategically round this concern. So we dont have a brand new intervention system. We dont have a recovery-oriented system of care. Weve simply decriminalized.”

The Editorial Board of the Oregonian not too long ago revealed an extended editorial on points to be tackled in 2022. About Measure 110, they stated, “Lax ticketing and the big variety of folks merely ignoring such citations somewhat than looking for assist are worrisome indicators of the measure’s effectiveness.”

“Criminalizing a well being situation is rarely the best way to go. In order that piece of [Oregon’s law] was superbly constructed. However it additionally created an issue, as a result of there are some folks—the stick of jail allowed them to get into restoration. And now we don’t have that anymore.”

Reginald Richardson is government director of the Alcohol and Drug Coverage Fee. He noticed, “Criminalizing a well being situation is rarely the best way to go. In order that piece of [Oregon’s law] was superbly constructed. However it additionally created an issue, as a result of there are some folks—the stick of jail allowed them to get into restoration. And now we don’t have that anymore.”

What Message Is Being Despatched?

Helping an addict

Sending an individual to rehab as an alternative of jail can assist many individuals get their lives collectively and keep away from a jail sentence. But when there are, in impact, no penalties for drug possession and a poor system to get folks assist, the message to those that are maybe extra weak may be that drug use is permitted.

However every of those medicine can and does trigger critical opposed results that adjust with the kind of drug. As now we have already talked about, medicine equivalent to heroin, methamphetamine and even opioid painkillers will be addictive on first encounter for some folks. Almost all of them will be deadly if an excessive amount of is consumed.

Even cocaine causes demise, usually from heart-related causes. Some folks have additionally misplaced their lives after taking MDMA. A 2021 research gathered data on 1,400 MDMA-related deaths in Europe, Australia and Western Asia. Whereas the vast majority of these deaths concerned the usage of a number of medicine, about one in 5 deaths associated solely to the usage of MDMA.

It would little question take time for Oregon officers to study what changes have to be made to make this technique work properly for all Oregonians. However different states may not be that affected person. Oregon State Senator John Braun commented, “I believe voters in different states shall be contemplating this earlier than now we have onerous proof on it.”

It could have been a harmful transfer to implement such a legislation with out ensuring that there have been companies in place to catch a minimum of the vast majority of these at risk of harming themselves with medicine and channeling them into rehabilitation companies. With out this security internet, Oregon might discover itself shedding extra residents to unrestrained drug abuse.

Already, comparable payments have been launched in Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont, Virginia and Washington state. It may be sensible to offer Oregon officers time to compile outcomes and regulate their system earlier than launching decriminalization legal guidelines in different areas. In any other case, a raffle on drug decriminalization may be playing with our residents’ lives.


Reviewed and edited by Claire Pinelli; ICAADC, ICCS, LADC, RAS, MCAP, LCDC


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