Leggo My Ego: Freeing Ourselves From the Tyranny of Ego

Leggo My Ego: Liberating Ourselves From the Tyranny of Ego


“I can not imagine the information in the present day. I can not shut my eyes and make it go away.” —U2, from the tune, “Sunday, Bloody Sunday”


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As President Vladimir Putin sends Russian troops into Ukraine to take over a sovereign, democratic nation, we’re left questioning: Why? What is that this all actually for?

Putin might confabulate an inventory of explanation why this aggression is justified, together with claims that Ukrainian territory rightfully belongs to Russia, that its residents must be liberated, and so forth. Nevertheless it’s additionally totally doable that this army motion is pushed not by geopolitical points however by his ego.

The lust for energy, dominance, management, reward, glory, worship, consideration, esteem, and so forth are all methods by which the ego may cause hurt. Such lusts have formed historical past: Wars have been waged, peoples oppressed, and numerous tens of millions have suffered and died due to rulers’ egos.

“Higher the delight that resides in a citizen of the world than the delight that divides when a colourful rag is unfurled.” —“Territories,” Rush

Whereas Putin’s ego is likely to be behind this unwarranted assault on a sovereign nation, we’ve solely to look into the mirror to see that there’s some egoic insanity in every of us as nicely. Thus, it’s vital that we study extra in regards to the ego. By means of a better understanding of the way it operates we are able to liberate ourselves from its tyranny and cut back the struggling it may possibly trigger.

I cowl this subject in this podcast episode of The Moderately Good Life.

What’s the ego?

We will think about the ego because the “I” or our sense of self, and so all of us have an ego as a result of all of us have a way of self.

The ego shouldn’t be inherently dangerous. We want a coherent sense of self to distinguish ourselves from others and have a way of company. This enables us to fulfill our primary physiological wants, develop targets, and pursue goals. I do know that I exist, who I’m, and what’s vital to me. I do know which household, staff, and political get together is mine. I do know who’re my associates, rivals, and enemies. I do know which possessions are mine. I’ve values and rights that I cherish dearly and can battle to guard.

Our egos emerged from our evolutionary heritage as a function of our complicated brains. On this manner, egos wouldn’t have advanced in the event that they did not serve the evolutionary goal to assist us survive and thrive. In spite of everything, it might trigger quite a lot of issues if I could not differentiate myself from you: Think about that after I felt hungry, I attempted to place meals in your mouth.

Our ego additionally permits us to do psychological time journey and carry out hypothesis-testing. I must go to the shop and seize some groceries in order that I could make dinner. What ought to I get? I ought to textual content my spouse to see what she desires. She actually likes it after I test together with her first. I might higher hurry, or I will run into site visitors.

The ego and struggling

Unconsciously, our ego reaches out its tendrils to intertwine with numerous thought-forms. As we turn out to be overly connected, our sense of self turns into enmeshed with these psychological positions and numerous identifications. Once we understand that the article of our attachment is threatened not directly, our fight-flight-or-freeze survival mechanism is activated to guard us existentially. The over-attachment makes it so the assault on the article of our attachments is, by proxy, an assault on us that should be defended. This places us in a susceptible place as a result of our ego will be threatened throughout many fronts. The extra strongly our ego is connected to those assorted thought types, the extra susceptible we’re to struggling.

For example, if you happen to establish strongly as a Democrat or Republican, and your get together or candidate is lampooned by the opposite aspect, chances are you’ll get upset, turn out to be defensive, after which go on the assault. “Oh, yeah? You say that President Biden sucks? Properly, let me simply let you know how Donald Trump was the worst president in American historical past!”

Anytime we turn out to be consumed with being considered as the best, the perfect, or superior to others, that’s our ego at work. On the flipside, after we really feel “lower than” or inferior to others, that is our ego as nicely. A few of this social comparability is regular and may even be wholesome, however when it turns into obsessive or distorted, we (and others) are more likely to undergo.

Attachment Important Reads

On a associated notice, our obsessive must be “proper” and show that others are “mistaken” may cause struggling in us and others. Many individuals would fairly die than apologize for being mistaken simply to guard their ego. Equally, we’ll usually battle tooth and nail to defend our delight or honor. Our ego can blind us to what’s proper and good because it distorts actuality to serve its wants.

“I am so filled with proper, I can not see what is sweet.” —“The Colour of Proper,” Rush

The mere considered dropping something with which we establish can create an existential menace to our ego. That’s, we truly have not suffered from a lack of something, however imagining we might lose one thing to which our egos have connected causes us to undergo as if that feared occasion had occurred. For instance, we undergo after we think about that somebody may take away our freedom.

Blame it on ego

Consider an argument that you’ve got had together with your associate, mum or dad, little one, or shut pal. What number of occasions has your argument escalated over an inconsequential matter into one thing that would have been, on reflection, simply averted or resolved? We discover that we’ve turn out to be “defensive,” however defensive of what, precisely? In spite of everything, they are not bodily assaulting us.

Once we turn out to be defensive, we’re defending our ego. Maybe we’d even say that our ego has hijacked our consciousness and is defending itself. It’s as if we have turn out to be possessed by some entity. We wish to be proper and be sure that they know they’re mistaken. In such cases, our ego has connected itself to us being “proper.” This enables us to really feel superior to them. It’s an existential model of our mammalian intuition to determine ourselves atop the social hierarchy.

The takeaway

Whereas our ego serves a goal, it may possibly trigger us and others to undergo unnecessarily when it turns into overly connected. Thus, we should always try to have versatile attachments, which embrace our ego, in order that we are able to extra skillfully adapt to the complexities of the world. We should always discover after we turn out to be defensive and ask ourselves questions similar to: What precisely am I defending? Do I really want to battle this battle? What would it not be like for me to concede? To confess that I am mistaken? To apologize? What’s the skillful method to deal with this? Once we are capable of half the clouds of ego that obscure our imaginative and prescient, we are able to extra clearly see a path forward that’s higher for us to observe.

“Can I step again from my thoughts and know the reply to all issues?” —Lao Tzu, The Tao Te Ching


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