Is the lens you view the world through off? Change it with CBT…

Is the lens you view the world via off? Change it with CBT…


When stress turns into a dysfunction it causes a shift in ‘considering’ and the lens you consider the world via (the way you clarify the world to your self) distorts – both low, average or excessive. You’re not making all the things up, you’re not seeing pink unicorns, however your filter goes grey and veers in the direction of an exaggeration of the detrimental and dramatic.

Do you suppose your lens is considerably ‘off’? Are you defaulting to detrimental considering habits? Repair it: construct consciousness of your self discuss, and handle it by undistorting it with proof based mostly reframing. Change your thoughts, change your temper.

Here’s a fast desk of the highest ‘unhealthy considering habits’. Overdramatic ideas trigger overdramatic emotions and behaviours… Identify them and tame them – all people have the beneath occasional habits, however when stress turns into a dysfunction we’re just about doing them on a regular basis: Contemplate: what’s the proof for these statements? Is there any proof towards them? How does believing them make you’re feeling and behave? Is it rational? AND USE YOUR ANSWERS TO REFRAME!


Damaging Predicting: Damaging mind-reading: Catastrophising: Musts and Shoulds:
I might attempt, however it gained’t work out

I might go, however I gained’t get pleasure from it

I’ll by no means be a hit.

She thinks she’s higher than me.

He doesn’t like me.

My accomplice doesn’t fancy me.

Every little thing is terrible.

I’m fats / ugly.

It’s too laborious.

I ought to look incredible at all times.

I should be profitable.

It is best to respect and like me.


Phrases matter. What you say to your self issues. Do that starter train: try these traditional detrimental computerized ideas examples. Do they match into any of the traditional unhealthy considering behavior kinds? Are you able to reshape them right into a extra practical and rational and funky wording? After which are you able to catch your personal considering and apply reframing to that? Positive you’ll be able to… good luck!


I can’t cope.  
Every little thing is just too laborious.  
She’s a horrible particular person, she’s so jealous of me.  
How dare he behave like that, I gained’t stand for it!  
That may by no means work out, so there’s no level in attempting.  
No one actually respects me, my voice doesn’t matter right here.  
There’s an excessive amount of to do, I can’t handle…  
If solely I used to be lovely all the things can be good!  
If I used to be skinny all the things can be so completely different…  
My colleagues are so egocentric, and so they’d stab you within the again!  
My boss made my head explode!  
I can’t bear it!  
I’m not good.  
I’m not adequate.  


Obtain this CBT handout as a PDF: CBTAFG_IsYourLensOffHandout




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