Dear Fellow Black Autistic, Your Autistic Experience Looks Different, » NeuroClastic

Expensive Fellow Black Autistic, Your Autistic Expertise Seems to be Totally different, » NeuroClastic


Being Black and Autistic means being on show. It means being bared to the world like a frog on the dissection desk.

It means white folks and white autistics operating each factor within the Autistic group as a result of they formed that world and the motion of their picture, and also you would possibly suppose it’s as much as you to get proper or get left behind.

You would possibly even by no means know you’re Autistic due to how separated that dominant narrative is from Blackness. However you are, and there are individuals who see you and perceive you.

I do know you stim, and your physique is aware of you’re Autistic, even when it’s not how your non-Black counterparts stim.

Stimming can look so assorted and so splendidly and uniquely Black.

From choosing your afro as a result of the movement is soothing, to twerking and taking part in together with your braids, to repeating that one itch-scratching line within the rap track you’re keen on over and over… It’s the best way that you just placed on lipgloss though you simply put it on three minutes in the past as a result of the movement is soothing. It’s the scent and movement of lathering your self in lotion and physique butter, the load and sound of your jewellery clinking in opposition to one another, the rubbing of your waist beads in opposition to your hips and abdomen, even between your fingers. It’s even throwing up gang indicators if you’re alone.

You stim, and you might not even discover it as a result of nothing listed reminds you of how white folks stim… and haven’t they set the trail? The development?

You are autistic, and also you are Black, and people two issues are usually not at odds. You don’t have to decide on one or the opposite. It’s a superb feeling to embrace cultural stims, so the subsequent time you twirl your braids or fidget together with your waistbeads and even end up twerking within the kitchen whilst you cook dinner, I hope all of the autistic Black ancestors and folks out right here roaming the world proper now are doing it with you.


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