Drug Treatments for Binge Eating Disorder

Drug Therapies for Binge Consuming Dysfunction


Whereas no two binge consuming dysfunction (BED) circumstances are the identical, diagnoses sometimes embody compulsive and frequent binge consuming episodes with out compensatory behaviors (e.g., purging). To be recognized with BED, these binges should happen at the least as soon as every week for 3 months.

In medical phrases, a meals binge has been outlined as consuming an abnormally great amount of meals throughout a discrete time frame (e.g., one hour).10

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What “abnormally massive” means, nevertheless, is imprecise.

To raised outline this, we will use two totally different approaches. The primary is goal and requires a educated clinician to quantify how a lot meals is eaten throughout a typical binge. The second is subjective and takes the individual consuming’s notion of their meals consumption into consideration.1

No matter which strategy is used, a person’s notion of their consuming conduct is at all times vital to contemplate. Folks with BED typically report feeling a lack of management whereas consuming. How they really feel after the meals binge (e.g., self-loathing, melancholy, or guilt), any embarrassment they’ve about their consuming conduct, how rapidly they eat through the meals binge, and in the event that they maintain consuming after they’re uncomfortably full or aren’t hungry are all vital indicators of BED.

A person’s tradition, biology, and bodily exertion additionally have to be thought-about when diagnosing BED.

Treating Binge Consuming Dysfunction

The commonest BED remedies are remedy, medicine, or a mixture of each.

A current overview evaluating the effectiveness of various BED remedies confirmed that no particular remedy (e.g., medicine or remedy) for BED may be thought-about superior.8 And, as a result of no two circumstances of BED are the identical, remedy effectiveness will differ throughout people. Consequently, it’s as much as the affected person and their medical crew to discover a remedy plan that works for the affected person.

As a result of sure medicines are more and more exhibiting effectiveness in treating BED (i.e., lowering binge episodes and relapse), using medicine to deal with BED has additionally elevated.3

Lisdexamfetamine Dimesylate (LDX)

At the moment, the one FDA-approved drug to deal with BED within the U.S. is lisdexamfetamine dimesylate (e.g., Vynase), or LDX. LDX is a long-lasting d-amphetamine prodrug that’s higher recognized for its effectiveness in treating ADHD. Nonetheless, LDX is now additionally the main pharmaceutical for lowering binge consuming.

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In a medical trial with 267 ladies (imply age 38), it was discovered that taking LDX over 4 weeks decreased binge episodes from over 4 per week to lower than one per week.4 The identical trial discovered that those that took LDX over six months had a relapse fee of solely 3.7 % in comparison with those that took a placebo (32.1 %). Value noting, although, is that the majority contributors on this trial had been white ladies.

How Does LDX Work and Why Does It Scale back Binge Consuming?

LDX is inactive outdoors of the physique. The magic solely occurs after it’s absorbed by the digestive tract and transformed into an amphetamine by the blood. After its transformation, LDX has the job of accelerating the mind’s norepinephrine and dopamine, two chemical compounds concerned in regulating stress (norepinephrine) and consuming motivation (dopamine). It encourages mind cells (e.g., neurons) to launch extra dopamine and norepinephrine whereas stopping them from cleansing up the chemical extra.5

It is unclear why rising these mind chemical compounds can scale back binge consuming, but it surely is perhaps as a result of individuals who binge eat have atypical ranges of norepinephrine6 and dopamine.7

Whereas LDX has demonstrated to be a secure remedy for some folks, its conversion into an amphetamine makes it a Schedule II managed medicine with abuse potential if taken at incorrect dosages.3 Due to this fact, whereas the abuse potential for LDX is low if taken at appropriate doses,3 docs ought to at all times take into account a affected person’s historical past of stimulant substance use, suicide makes an attempt, mania, or cardiac illness earlier than prescribing it.8

Off-Label Prescribed drugs for BED Therapy

For people who aren’t eligible for LDX remedy, docs would possibly prescribe an off-label drug. Whereas the time period off-label drug sounds sketchy, it’s a typical and comparatively secure observe in medication.

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Prescribing an off-label drug signifies that a physician recommends an FDA-approved drug to a affected person, however that drug hasn’t been authorised to deal with the sickness they’re affected by.

An instance of off-label drug use is prescribing a prostate most cancers affected person a chemotherapy that has solely been authorised to deal with breast most cancers.

Off-label prescribing isn’t executed randomly. Docs depend on analysis that has demonstrated that an off-label drug successfully improves one other sickness’s signs (e.g., binge consuming).

The advantages of off-label drug remedies embody:

  1. They’re cheaper to supply and faster distribution than a brand new drug.
  2. They’ve a extra established secure use and data of unwanted side effects,

The off-label medication most prescribed for BED remedy are antidepressants.

Regardless of not being FDA authorised to deal with BED, a current analysis overview discovered that second-generation antidepressants (SGAs) (e.g., selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors; SSRIs) and LDX have related affected person outcomes: each can considerably scale back binge consuming frequency and binge eating-related obsessions and compulsions.8 LDX, nevertheless, was discovered to be simpler than SGAs in fully eliminating binge consuming episodes.

These findings illustrate that antidepressants, although not FDA authorised to deal with BED, is perhaps an efficient (and presumably safer) remedy different for people who don’t qualify for LDX remedy.8

Why Do Antidepressants Scale back Binge Consuming?

Why antidepressants scale back binge consuming for some people is unclear, but it surely might be that low ranges of serotonin contribute to binge consuming.9 Considered one of serotonin’s jobs is to make us much less motivated to eat, and individuals who binge eat have proven to have low serotonin ranges.11

These low serotonin ranges might be attributable to a genetic mutation that will increase the variety of serotonin transporters within the mind. Serotonin transporters are like little vacuums that clear up further mind chemical compounds. If somebody has too many “serotonin vacuums” of their mind, this might result in low serotonin ranges and, subsequently, elevated consuming motivation.

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Some antidepressants work by stopping serotonin transporters from vacuuming up an excessive amount of serotonin, leaving extra of it within the mind.


When beginning medicine, sufferers have to be totally knowledgeable by their docs about why the medicine is being prescribed, its use (e.g., dosage; time to take it), and any potential unwanted side effects. This info permits sufferers to ask questions, advocate for themselves, and obtain the absolute best consequence.

Nonetheless, many sufferers will not be totally educated by medical workers concerning the medicines they’re prescribed.2 This could result in poor communication between sufferers and medical workers, much less efficient remedy outcomes, and poor well being penalties.

As a result of consuming issues are complicated sicknesses, medicines will not work for everybody. However, restoration is at all times attainable for every particular person with the correct remedy.


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