Does Everything Contain Its Opposite?

Does All the pieces Include Its Reverse?


Paying shut consideration to coincidences workouts the thoughts. Train advantages the thoughts simply because it advantages the physique (Small, 2018). Desirous about a coincidence is like peering into the unknown or making an attempt to resolve a riddle: “I’m wondering what this implies?” Marvel results in curiosity, which drives solution-seeking. Coincidences are like puzzles that lead folks to consider their very own identification and the way relationships work. They usually problem our normal view about how actuality works (Beitman, 2022).

Significant coincidences problem the idea that every individual is completely separate from their surroundings. When a coincider notices a outstanding similarity between a thought and an object, the boundary between self and not-self begins to blur.

How are occasions in my thoughts correlating with exterior occasions?

Significant coincidences that contain a psychological occasion and an goal occasion counsel that the polarity of self versus non-self is probably not so clearly demarcated. These mind-object coincidences problem the primacy of dualism by suggesting that thoughts and context are carefully linked quite than distinctly separate. Consideration to coincidences workouts the thoughts to concurrently maintain a polarity (thoughts separate from the surroundings) and a continuum (thoughts and context are linked).

One other problem then seems—to conceptualize the thoughts as each separate and distinct from and likewise a part of the surroundings—a polarity of self and not-self, linked by a continuum of levels of connection. It’s not straightforward for our minds to carry a polarity and the continuum between them concurrently. It’s a lot simpler to suppose when it comes to both polarity or continuum however not each collectively on the identical time.

This mind-environment polarity-continuum illustrates the notion that “every thing accommodates its reverse.” The polarity accommodates the continuum, and the continuum accommodates the polarity. This commentary merges historical philosophy and fashionable science.

Historical philosophy

The pre-Socratic thinker Heraclitus declared that the one fixed is change, that a lot in life is at all times altering, but ever the identical. Change accommodates its reverse—fidelity. Fidelity yields to alter. The highway up accommodates the highway down. The moon, from our perspective, waxes and wanes, rises and units—continually altering. But its paths and form stay fixed. Human beings continually change, but our primary bodily traits, patterns of thought, and habits are guided by the identical underlying rules.

Source: This vector image was created with Inkscape by Klem, and then manually edited by Mnmazur/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

The Yin and Yang image, with white representing Yang and black representing Yin—the intertwining of duality.

Supply: This vector picture was created with Inkscape by Klem, after which manually edited by Mnmazur/Wikimedia Commons/Public Area

The concept of every thing containing its reverse is represented by the yin-yang image through which the entire is split into two components, and inside every half is a mirror of the alternative half.

Trendy science

Extra at the moment, the conventional curve (the bell-shaped curve, the Gaussian curve) accommodates opposites in its two tails. For human peak, for instance, one tail represents extraordinarily tall, and the opposite represents extraordinarily quick. All the curve accommodates its opposites by describing the complete vary of human peak.

The geometry of power motion illustrates the identical concept. Sound waves are composed of growth and rarefactions of the medium by which the sound is passing (air, water), which will be drawn as a sine wave. Electromagnetic power additionally strikes with the rhythm of sine waves—motion up is equalized by motion down. The sine wave accommodates two polarities.

Source: By Ainali/Own work/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

Regular curve with normal deviations illustrating polarity and continuum

Supply: By Ainali/Personal work/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

Day heralds evening; evening heralds day. Every day accommodates polarities. From physics: For each motion, there may be an equal and reverse response.

Thinker Iain McGilchrist provides different examples: The final is discovered within the particular person, the everlasting within the temporal, and the non secular within the embodied (p.816). He means that consciousness should someway be divided if there are to be particular person beings. The person accurately perceives a self, however a self that’s linked to the entire, wholly a self, and wholly a part of the entire… what exists is a regionally differentiated however finally single area of potentiality, which is continually actualizing itself. Thus, all is one, and all is many (p.1104) from Lorimar (2022).


Exercising the thoughts on this manner opens the thoughts to expanded ideas of actuality. The expertise of significant coincidences, notably those who join psychological occasions with goal occasions, loosens the inflexible separation of self from not-self and challenges the reigning paradigm of scientific materialism. On this interval of human historical past through which we’re threatened by growing polarization of worldviews, discovering methods to think about the entire to include its opposites could provide a useful path to decision. Maybe coincidentia oppositorum will be created by which opposites now not oppose one another however fall collectively into concord, union, or conjunction… a unity of contrarieties overcoming opposition by convergence with out destroying or merely mixing the constituent components (Bond, 1997).


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