Do You Want to Change Your Personality?

Do You Wish to Change Your Persona?


How is it that individuals who reside in the identical world expertise life so otherwise? Actually, a lot of our selection in character types and attitudes towards life might be attributed to genetics, temperament, setting, and expertise—together with opposed life occasions and life alternatives.

Nonetheless, particular person variations have all the time fascinated me. I try to grasp why sure people stay hopeful, constructive, and even interested in life regardless of the entire adversity they face. Think about a 45-year-old lady who has skilled trauma and was raised in a confict-ridden family. This lady seeks to achieve data in regards to the world at each flip and travels extensively. Think about, then again, her 46-year-old sister who sees the world as a threatening place after having endured related experiences. May it’s that the manner they view the world that has contributed to their willingness/unwillingness to discover and rejoice in it?

A current examine by Stahlman and Ruch (2022) revealed within the Journal of Constructive Psychology helps to make clear why some people reside with hope, zest, curiosity, and different beautiful character strengths whereas others don’t. The researchers measured the connection between primal world beliefs (how individuals view the world) and character strengths. The pattern comprised 1,122 German-speaking adults of German, Swiss, and Austrian heritage. Worldviews had been assessed utilizing the German Primals Stock. Character strengths had been measured by the German VIA Stock of Strengths.

The outcomes of this examine present wealthy and interesting knowledge. Viewing the world nearly as good was most strongly associated to the next character strengths: hope, spirituality, zest, curiosity, management, and gratitude

Viewing the world as secure, engaging, alive, and fluid was related to the next character strengths: curiosity, love of studying, appreciation of magnificence, humor, and  spirituality.

Lastly, viewing the world as stunning, humorous, intentional, attention-grabbing, “needing me,” pleasurable, and value exploring was equally related to curiosity, love of studying, appreciation of magnificence, gratitude, humor, and spirituality.

Probably the most highly effective and strong relationship was discovered between seeing the world as a great place and character strengths.

There are a lot of takeaways from this analysis. 

1. The outcomes have direct implications for the remedy periods we clinicians conduct. They point out the worth of doing cautious evaluations of shopper worldviews. Examination and modification of worldviews might lead individuals of all ages to see the world as a hopeful and worthwhile place to be. Maybe, resiliency might be shored up.

2. This analysis has implications for what could be a dangerous parenting approach. Elevating kids with the message that the world is an unsafe place might result in kids creating an identical worldview which then results in worry moderately than curiosity in regards to the world. This will likely additionally result in a way of hopelessness which is related to despair. Maybe, dad and mom might be educated in regards to the significance of elevating kids with a extra balanced view of the world.

3. Lastly, this examine offers hope that we are able to cut back emotional struggling by serving to others see the nice in life. That is no small activity however it’s vital.

We may even find out how finest to work on these modifications. My perception is that this opens up many potential avenues to higher psychological well being.

New analysis explains how the best way you have a look at the world impacts your character.
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Stahlman,A.G. & Ruch,W.(2022) Primal world beliefs correlate strongly however however differentially with character strengths.The Journal of Constructive Psychology.(1-11). 

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  • There are sturdy relationships between worldviews and character strengths.
  • Seeing the world as a great place is strongly associated to character strengths.
  • Modifications of worldviews could also be an essential element of psychotherapy.


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