Do This When Anxiety Feels Overwhelming

Do This When Nervousness Feels Overwhelming


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I’ve been studying lots about acceptance lately. Separating (very amicably) from my husband, residing on my own after 20 years, and re-homing our beloved canine, Pedro, are the highest “hits” in the intervening time. With them come each nervousness and journey.

However acceptance is a course of, not a second. It asks me to lovingly maintain area for my emotions, notably my morning nervousness with its ticker tape of doomsday pondering that accompanies it. Being tenderly current with that survival vitality is difficult.

This morning, like many mornings, I awakened with a nervous tremor in my tummy and a lump in my throat. My first intuition was to run round in my head attempting to determine what I did “unsuitable” (which is nothing) then it was to dart round in search of a podcast, meditation, YouTube video, any freakin’ resolution to do away with this wholly uncomfortable feeling. All of this, after all, solely exacerbates the concern.

I do know this sample. However feeling unsafe makes it difficult to decelerate and be with the hazard, although logically I can see there isn’t any hazard in any respect.

I really feel small, childlike, helpless, and deserted. It’s not comfy. At. All. However it’s acquainted and I’ve realized what to do. Or not do, because the case could also be.

What to Do When Nervousness Feels Overwhelming

1. Consciousness:

  • Acknowledge if you’re in a survival state of tension.
  • Perceive the way you relate to nervousness. For instance: Do you numb out with meals or busy your self with work? Do you attempt to repair it and do away with it with a way like I do?

2. Consider Severity:

  • Fee your misery on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being extraordinarily excessive). Totally different instruments work for excessive nervousness.

3. Self-Compassion:

  • Carry as a lot self-compassion ahead as you may.
  • “Unconditional friendliness,” a time period coined by Pema Chodron, would possibly resonate with you extra. It does for me. Pleasant, I can do. Compassion? Meh. Not as straightforward for me after I’m like this.
  • Bear in mind it’s possible you’ll really feel unsafe however you aren’t unsafe.
  • This doesn’t apply if you’re in precise bodily hazard, similar to in an abusive relationship. If so, then get assist instantly to search out security.

4. Make House:

  • Loosen up across the feelings, the bodily sensations, and provides area for the ideas that accompany them. Even a tiny softening is trigger for celebration. These responses from our nervous techniques are historical and evolutionary. We’re studying to reshape one thing that’s as outdated as the beginning of our species.

5. “Carry It On”:

  • As Emma McAdams, a licensed therapist, recommends in this video, say to your self, “Carry it on nervousness. I can deal with you! Nervousness can’t harm me.”
  • Severely: Strive it. After I remind myself that nervousness can’t harm me, one way or the other it magically appears much less scary and I really feel extra in management.

6. Transfer:

  • When my nervousness is 6 or above I want to maneuver. Sarah Baldwin, a internationally acknowledged Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Trauma Coach skilled in polyvagal interventions agrees. Meditating and journaling that may work for decrease ranges, typically aren’t good instruments for excessive ranges. They’ll convey us additional into the vortex of misery. Analysis exhibits motion may help us refocus, get current, and expel that uneasy vitality of uncertainty.
  • This podcast interview with Sarah Baldwin explains what polyvagal principle is in layman’s phrases and why motion may help.
  • Motion for me is folding laundry, bouncing up and down, or my favorite: dancing (even for 30 seconds) to some splendidly corny Herb Alpert tune. One thing that grounds me. An exercise that helps me get into my physique and out of my head.
  • Don’t do that with the intent of eliminating or avoiding the sensation, however as an alternative as a manner of widening your circle of tolerance to expertise it, thus encouraging additional acceptance.

7. Assess:

  • Fee your nervousness stage once more after you’ve moved. A lower in even half some extent is nice. Meaning new neural pathways are being laid that your physique will keep in mind. You’re blazing new trails in undergrowth which have been hidden, maybe for many years.

8. Validate:

  • Congratulate your self for being keen to cease combating your feelings and take a look at one thing totally different.

Acceptance is just not solely a course of, it’s a observe. Often, I routinely drop the battle with my nervousness and settle for it after I first discover it. Most instances, although, I am going by way of the above steps to get to a spot of open-heartedness with my nervousness. It doesn’t at all times imply that the dread disappears, however I do find yourself being extra light with myself whereas I’m going by way of it.

If you discover you’re at conflict together with your emotions once more, return and open to them to the diploma which you can. No matter you are able to do is sufficient.

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