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Can You Overdose on Marijuana?


Within the final couple of a long time, the US has seen an increase within the variety of states which have legalized marijuana for medical functions. Within the final decade, some states have accepted marijuana for leisure use as effectively, taxing it just like the way in which states tax alcohol. As of 2020, marijuana has been legalized for leisure use in 11 states, and an extra 21 have legalized marijuana for medical makes use of. Although a substance is made authorized, it doesn’t imply it’s with out dangers. A drug overdose happens if a person makes use of extraordinarily excessive ranges of a drug, leading to life-threatening signs or loss of life. By this definition, it’s not doable to overdose on marijuana. Nonetheless, whereas a deadly overdose of marijuana is extraordinarily unlikely, this doesn’t imply that marijuana use can’t have some adversarial results. 

So as to perceive how and why a few of these adversarial results could happen, it’s important to know the way the psychoactive elements of marijuana have an effect on the mind. As well as, in case you are depending on marijuana, then name Vertava Well being to study our marijauana dependancy remedy program

The Science Of Hashish Use

The explanation why marijuana nonetheless stays a managed substance in a lot of the nation as a result of it accommodates mind-altering compounds that may have an effect on each your mind and physique. The principle psychoactive part of marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is what is called a cannabinoid. The human physique produces its personal cannabinoids with naturally-occurring chemical substances known as anandamide and arachidonoyl glycerol (2-AG) as a part of its endocannabinoid (EC) system. The EC system is discovered in lots of areas of the mind, which explains why it impacts so many various physique features. Different cannabinoids affect by regulating how cells ship, obtain, and course of messages. Generally, cannabinoids act as a buffer, slowing down the communication between cells, resulting in a number of completely different bodily and psychological impairments.

When somebody consumes marijuana, THC enters the mind by way of the bloodstream and attaches itself to the cannabinoid receptors that make up the EC system. The physique’s EC system is finely tuned to react appropriately to incoming data. When an out of doors supply enters the EC system, similar to THC from marijuana, it will possibly forestall the pure chemical substances from doing their job appropriately and throws the entire system off stability. This results in the frequent unwanted effects of marijuana.

Whereas weed accommodates no bodily addictive compounds, there may be nonetheless potential for psychological and emotional dependence, so marijuana remedy companies are useful. 

Technique of Marijuana Ingestion Issues

Folks devour marijuana in a lot of other ways. Every technique of ingestion could cause THC to enter the bloodstream at vastly completely different charges and concentrations. As extra medical and leisure marijuana outlets open up throughout the nation, individuals have extra entry to completely different varieties and potencies of marijuana.

Folks devour marijuana within the following methods:

  • Consuming edibles, similar to brownies, gummies, cookies, or sweet
  • Consuming or smoking marijuana extracts or potent THC resins, similar to hash oil, honey oil, wax, or shatter
  • Orally ingesting hashish capsules
  • Smoking the dried flower in pipes, bongs, blunts, or rolling papers.
  • Sublingual (underneath the tongue) THC tinctures, or including it to meals or drink

When marijuana is smoked or vaped, it enters the bloodstream by way of the lungs, resulting in the fast transmission of THC to the mind and near-immediate results. The consequences of marijuana merchandise differ when consumed orally. THC is launched to the bloodstream by way of the abdomen and intestinal lining when eaten.

The speed at which the consequences of marijuana could be felt when utilizing this technique can usually be unpredictable. Everybody metabolizes meals at a distinct price. Subsequently, the power of marijuana’s results could be unattainable to anticipate. Consuming marijuana merchandise can simply result in overconsumption of THC and lots of adversarial results.

Signs of Weed Overdose

As talked about above, a deadly overdose on marijuana is extraordinarily unlikely. This doesn’t imply that irresponsible marijuana use can’t have some very uncomfortable adversarial unwanted effects. Listed below are some indicators and signs to look out for when coping with potential marijuana overconsumption:

  • Panic assaults, extreme anxiousness, excessive
  • Psychotic reactions wherein the individual loses contact with actuality
  • Hallucinations, delusions, or lack of private id
  • Elevated coronary heart price, chest ache, elevated blood strain, or palpitations
  • Uncontrollable shaking and even seizures
  • Pale or flushed pores and skin coloration
  • Unresponsiveness

Indicators and signs of overdose can last more relying on the strategy of THC ingestion. When smoked, the signs of marijuana intoxication usually final anyplace from 1 to three hours. These results can final hours longer when ingested as an edible or drink.

Risks of Polysubstance Use

We’ve established the unlikelihood of a deadly overdose on marijuana alone, however it will possibly create extra severe points when used together with different mind-altering substances. Polysubstance use is a time period that refers to using two or extra bodily or mentally impairing substances on the identical time. Sure mixtures of medication could be deadly.

The most typical instance of polysubstance use involving marijuana is mixing the drug with alcohol. When used collectively, alcohol and marijuana work in tandem to additional impair judgment and motor expertise. This mixture of medication is without doubt one of the main elements in vehicle accidents that contain intoxication.

What to Do When You’ve Ingested Too A lot THC

Whereas the overconsumption of marijuana alone doesn’t essentially have deadly penalties, it will possibly induce uncomfortable unwanted effects. You are able to do issues to assist hold your self protected till the consequences of marijuana run their course in your physique.

  • Remaining calm is vital. Subsequently, to keep away from a panic assault or related undesired results, it is extremely vital to stay calm and remind your self that what you’re experiencing is momentary. Reassure your self that you’ll really feel higher in 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Discover a enjoyable, quiet place to attend out the consequences of marijuana. It will also be an enormous assist to have a trusted individual by your facet in the course of the tough components of marijuana intoxication. This will help you keep away from paranoia and calm your thoughts.
  • Distract your self by placing on a favourite film, tv present, or album. Even having conversations with trusted individuals will help distract you from the detrimental results of marijuana intoxication.
  • Having a shower generally is a enjoyable expertise that will allow you to journey out any detrimental emotions.

Utilizing Marijuana Safely And Responsibly

It’s important to respect marijuana as a robust drug and to acknowledge that it has the potential to induce some extreme detrimental unwanted effects. It’s simple to forestall the overconsumption of marijuana by following the rules beneath:

  • Abstain from or decrease the quantity of marijuana used.
  • Educate your self concerning the potential risks of polysubstance use, particularly marijuana’s interplay with alcohol. It’s greatest to keep away from this mix and every other drug mixtures.
  • Concentrate on a lower in tolerance after a interval of marijuana abstinence. This could simply result in marijuana overconsumption.
  • Know the significance of staying hydrated when consuming marijuana.

Educate your self on the potential well being situations that may be exacerbated by marijuana use.

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