Can the Moon Influence Our Emotions?

Can the Moon Affect Our Feelings?


Numerous artists, from Emily Dickinson to Debussy and Beethoven, have discovered inspiration within the moon. Its energy to stir feelings could also be associated to our perception that it might additionally have the ability to alter our minds.

Till not so way back, folks used the phrase lunatic (from the Latin luna that means “moon”) to discuss with a mentally unwell individual, and we nonetheless use it in its figurative sense. The phrase “loony” is derived from it and used as an insult, notably within the British press. Many nonetheless assume that our satellite tv for pc has the ability to induce psychological instability.


The moon.

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Two totally different theories are usually put ahead as doable explanations:

The primary and hottest is expounded to the ability of the moon to affect tides. In response to this principle, the moon impacts the water in our physique and mind with its gravitational pressure, altering its functioning in a lot the identical means that it pulls the water within the seas through the tidal cycles. Nonetheless, the moon’s gravity appears to be solely in oceans and never within the tiny our bodies of water present in our organs, which stay inert whether or not it’s a full moon or a brand new moon.

The second principle is extra convincing. It pertains to the sunshine emitted by the moon (mirrored from the solar, reasonably than emitted, to be exact), the identical gentle that has impressed poets via the ages. Within the outdated days, asylums have been often constructed within the countryside or on the outskirts of cities, the place till the arrival of synthetic gentle, complete darkness reigned at evening. Except there was a full moon, after all. The sunshine of a full moon, lengthy earlier than efficient psychiatric remedies had been invented, would have inspired the residents within the asylum to remain awake, robbing them of their sleep and decompensating their fragile psychological state. It’s distressing to learn that in some asylums, residents have been chained to the wall through the full moon section to forestall them from attacking one another.

The parable of lycanthropy (the werewolf) can also be associated to the moon and its energy to remodel a placid individual right into a fierce wolf. Paracelsus, the celebrated Sixteenth-century doctor, noticed the moon as an agent of passions, hallucinations, and nightmares.

Different issues which were claimed to be topic to the affect of the moon embody aggression, crime, and, after all, menstruation. There are those that imagine that canines and cats have extra veterinary emergencies when there’s a full moon, and a examine of the inventory market in 48 international locations, revealed within the Journal of Empirical Finance, concluded that earnings have been smaller on full moon days than on new moon days. Police in Brighton, within the south of England, determined a while in the past to place extra bobbies on the road when there’s a full moon to be able to higher management the general public notion of upper charges of erratic conduct.

Disappointingly maybe, the reality is that almost all empirical research have proven that Paracelsus was unsuitable. The moon would not actually induce psychological sickness, and it actually would not flip us into werewolves. And regardless of current claims I’ve present in a preferred newspaper, the phases of the moon don’t have anything to do with our ranges of happiness, which, as readers of this weblog know, is a really ethereal idea anyway, just like the moonlight itself, I suppose. This faint and romantic gentle would not incite us to assault anybody both, and I strongly suspect that it’s completely unrelated to inventory trade earnings.

For Oscar Wilde, the reflection of the total moon on the darkish water of the evening was the very definition of magnificence. The moon actually evokes us, but it surely would not alter our minds.


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