Can Life Events Change Your Personality?

Can Life Occasions Change Your Persona?


Persona trait change is widespread. For instance, if we consider individuals as low, medium, or excessive in a persona trait, a couple of third of them will swap their ranges over the following few years.


Most psychologists assume that how individuals behave, suppose, and really feel is formed by their experiences. In that case, we must also count on that persona traits change resulting from adjustments in life circumstances.

However this has been surprisingly tough to show. For instance, there may be virtually no clear proof that atypical life occasions that may occur to most individuals change their persona traits in predictable methods.

Some research have reported that occasions like divorce, changing into a widow, or beginning a profession could cause trait change, however these results have been tiny and barely confirmed by different research. Extreme traumatic occasions might have stronger results on persona, however they’re uncommon and may’t clarify why trait change is so widespread.

If this sounds puzzling, you might be in good firm—most persona psychologists did not count on this both. So, what’s going on?

A psychologist’s dream

Ideally, psychologists would like to have a catalog of life experiences that form persona traits in a predictable means.

For instance, they—and certainly, employers—may prefer to see that beginning a profession makes most individuals extra conscientious. They might like to see unmistakable proof that beginning a long-term relationship makes most individuals extra agreeable and fewer neurotic. And when somebody turns into extra neurotic, they want to have the ability to put this all the way down to a adverse occasion like divorce, job loss, or the loss of life of a liked one.

Psychologists might then predict how individuals change as they expertise one or one other occasion. Maybe they may cut back undesirable adjustments by eliminating the experiences liable for them or not less than by buffering their results with interventions.

However it hasn’t turned out that means

In one of many strongest research but, the persona traits of hundreds of Dutch adults had been adopted for a number of years. There was little proof that life occasions like marriage, childbirth, divorce, or widowhood triggered predictable and lasting persona adjustments.

Different such research have not had far more luck. The place traits are linked with the probability of occasions, it is actually because individuals with sure traits come to expertise them somewhat than the occasions altering the traits.

This sample is in step with other forms of analysis. For instance, dwelling in the identical household does not make children’ personalities far more related, and companions’ traits do not change into extra related over time. And opposite to a well-liked fable, start order does not matter for persona.

Partially, this stunning lack of proof could also be blamed on analysis limitations, however that is unlikely to be the complete story. If life experiences actually formed individuals’s persona traits in profound and predictable methods, researchers would have recognized not less than a few of their results by now.

Why is change so elusive?

This lack of proof does not robotically imply that atypical experiences do not affect persona traits in any respect. Trait change is widespread and one thing has to trigger it, in any case.

However the results may be unpredictable:

  • Every change might end result from many small and refined causes so discovering them would require extra refined analysis. Measuring persona traits and a number of experiences in lots of hundreds of individuals at quite a few time factors might progressively reveal such associations. However even when this occurs, these small and refined results nonetheless depart trait change in any given particular person largely unpredictable.
  • Experiences might affect individuals in several methods. Some might take divorce as a painful expertise that causes a long-lasting enhance in neuroticism. Others might really feel liberated, changing into extra gregarious and open-minded. In that case, trait change in any given particular person stays unpredictable from merely experiencing sure occasions.
  • It will not be exterior occasions that change individuals, however individuals themselves might want to vary and sometimes obtain this, both with or with out assist.
  • Some trait adjustments could also be simply random, with none clarification to be discovered.

A dark prospect or a humanistic one?

A number of many years in the past, Robert Plomin and Denise Daniels wrote: “One gloomy prospect is that the salient atmosphere could be unsystematic, idiosyncratic, or serendipitous occasions … Such capricious occasions, nevertheless, are more likely to show a lifeless finish for analysis.”

On the subject of predicting persona trait change from atypical life occasions, that gloomy prospect might have come to go. Life occasions might change us, however not in predictable methods.

However I see a extra humanistic message on this:

  • If our personalities had been predictably molded by the lottery of experiences that life occurs to throw at us, this could possibly be fairly unfair. Think about one individual dropping their job and declining in self-confidence because of this, whereas their pal enjoys a secure work expertise and turns into ever extra self-confident.
  • As a substitute, if most persona adjustments have many causes, good and unhealthy influences may even out in the long term.
  • Whether it is our distinctive reactions to those influences that in the end matter, we aren’t passive recipients of no matter is thrown at us. As a substitute, now we have an energetic position in whether or not and the way occasions change us. And our personal traits usually matter for which occasions we come throughout, for higher or worse.

Persona Important Reads

As a researcher, I agonize over the gloomy prospect. I’d like to establish the life experiences that make persona trait change so widespread.

However as a person, I’d not prefer to see my traits being predictably pushed or pulled by occasions that occur to return my means. Nor would I like policymakers designing intelligent interventions to fiddle with my traits, nevertheless good their intentions.

My traits and their adjustments are mine, thanks.


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