Are Women Worthless After the Age 20?

Are Girls Nugatory After the Age 20?


“I’m not the girl president of Harvard. I’m the president of Harvard.”—Drew Gilpin Faust

I establish as human—not as male or as feminine—however human. A human life has innate worth. A human, born in America, is endowed with sure inalienable rights. Sadly, issues turn into gendered after that. It’s all males who’re created equal.

For 12,000 years, the hierarchical distribution of energy, privilege, and rights has resolutely favored males whereas entrenching a system that disrespects, oppresses, and exploits ladies. The notion that each one lives have equal worth stays aspirational.

Inequality persists between women and men

In our society, the explanations that persons are valued is gendered. Males are most valued for his or her character, together with honesty, morality, energy, {and professional} achievement, whereas ladies are primarily valued for his or her bodily attractiveness and their capability to be nurturing and empathic. Males attain their peak attractiveness across the age of fifty; a lady’s peak comes and goes by the point she reaches 18-22 years previous.

Girls comprise half of the U.S. workforce, however additionally they proceed to be the household’s main caregivers and “homemakers,” inclusive of house responsibilities, group, and each day duties corresponding to paying payments. Males interact in 50% extra leisure time than ladies (Kamp Dush, Yavorsky & Schoppe-Sullivan, 2018). You’d suppose all this further work would improve a ladies’s worth, however it’s fairly the alternative. As a result of our lowered social standing, as extra ladies enter a male-dominated discipline, the occupation turns into feminized and thus devalued, so pay in that discipline decreases for each women and men.

Worldwide, ladies make 77 cents to each greenback earned by males, equivalent to a lifetime of inequality and a considerably larger danger of retiring in poverty. “Girls’s work,” that’s healthcare, home, and early schooling careers, aren’t solely underpaid however are additionally undervalued, regardless of their societal significance. Girls pay extra for merchandise marketed to ladies and are topic to taxes for menstrual merchandise corresponding to tampons. We face rampant sexual harassment and assault within the office and are extra weak to intimate companion violence within the residence. Girls usually tend to face persistent starvation, turn into victims of human trafficking, and, as a result of industries’ reliance on a male commonplace, usually tend to be injured in car crashes and expertise pharmacological uncomfortable side effects. The Equal Rights Modification has nonetheless not crossed the end line.

Medical take care of males is all-inclusive, no matter the place their situation is situated of their physique. Girls, alternatively, should discover somebody who caters to “ladies’s points,” after which will probably discover their “challenge” to be under-researched and psychologized.

Films and books from a feminine perspective are maligned as “chick flicks” and “chick lit,” implying they’re one thing aside from important dramas or comedies—one thing smaller and fewer advanced. Furthermore, film audiences are twice as more likely to see male characters on the display than females, even much less in case you are watching an motion film (16%) or science fiction (8%) (Bloom, 2020). Even when there’s a lady on display, they’ll solely have a dialogue about 22% of the time (Swanson, 2016), and about half of these conversations won’t go the Bechdel check, the place a minimum of two ladies should speak to at least one one other about one thing aside from a person.

Girls are taught that their worth comes from being very younger, historically female, and capable of bear youngsters. When a protest is organized for equal pay, autonomy, and different fundamental freedoms, the general public is instructed this can be a “ladies’s march” for “ladies’s rights”…however ladies’s rights are human rights, aren’t they?


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All of us endure from these oppressive techniques of injustice. It isn’t solely ladies who’re impacted by gender norms. Conventional male stereotypes negatively influence males’s bodily and psychological well being, together with elevated danger for violence, melancholy, suicide, and substance abuse (Levant & Pryor, 2020). Gender inequality is probably the most intractable injustice of our age. Though ladies make up 50.8% of the U.S. inhabitants, males make up 73% of Congress. We dwell in an area the place predatory male sexual violence is a slap-on-the-wrist offense however ladies’s company and sexual self-determination are thought-about a menace so nice as to justify infantilization, intimidation, discrimination, and authorities regulation.

Contradictory messages

The reality is, you may’t actually know a lot about me as a result of that I am a lady. But a lot of how the world responds to ladies is predicated on gender. Then, inside this gendered assemble, there are a thousand contradictory messages that ladies should negotiate daily.

Girls are treasured—princesses in want of rescue—however we should shoulder a lifetime of abuse, inequity, and gaslighting. We’re evaluated when it comes to our our bodies—our sexuality—but it doesn’t matter what we put on, we’re in peril of “asking for it” and being “slut shamed.” We’re held to an unachievable commonplace of magnificence—then, devalued for each flaw, each pound, each passing 12 months. We’re known as shrill and silenced as a result of in spite of everything, “issues have gotten so significantly better” and “not all males are that approach.” But, we nonetheless aren’t paid an equal wage and should struggle for probably the most fundamental proper—the proper to have a alternative over what occurs inside our personal our bodies.

I’m not male—I’m not feminine. I’m human.

Girls’s rights are human rights!


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