8 Signs of Histrionic Personality Disorder

8 Indicators of Histrionic Persona Dysfunction


Histrionic Persona Dysfunction (HPD) impacts roughly 2 p.c of the inhabitants.1 Whereas it’s identified throughout genders, females are most frequently identified with this dysfunction. A few of the “tells” that point out an individual could have HPD embrace extreme flamboyance of their behaviors, look, apparel, and responses to these round them. They thrive on the consideration of others and exit of their approach to acquire this consideration from these round them. They embrace the position of “damsel/sufferer in misery” and play out this situation underneath essentially the most benign circumstances.

Mockingly, whereas their feelings are oddly shallow, they are usually “emotional exhibitionists,” who act out emotions that they’ll’t actually expertise. Their habits displays powerfully charged emotional states—from one finish of the spectrum to the opposite. They could sob uncontrollably or exhibit disproportionately sturdy ranges of glee or excessive spirits. There is no such thing as a in-between and they’ll play to an viewers with unbounded enthusiasm. Not solely do people with HPD scale the heights of elation, however they’ll additionally sink to the depths of despair within the blink of a watch. As a result of they’re “appearing out” feelings, somewhat than “feeling” their feelings, they’ll zip from one intense show to a different with out lacking a beat. They’ve typically spent years figuring out their finest reactions and they’re responding to occasions round them from a playbook, not their hearts.

As a result of their power is dedicated to gaining the eye, and sometimes sympathy, of others, they know mission a picture of themselves that grabs the highlight they crave. Relying on their viewers, they might depend on their well-developed powers of seduction and sexual attraction to get observed and seize the gaze and curiosity of these round them.

Profession Disruption

As a result of people with HPD are inclined to bore simply, they might tire of routines, jobs, buddies, and romantic companions fairly rapidly. Their careers could replicate a number of zig-zags and abrupt stops-and-starts as they have a tendency to maneuver from job to job with little remorse over misplaced alternatives. Being fired is extra fodder for his or her attention-seeking behaviors—they’ll get what they most need—the eye and sympathy of others. Ditching a job, leaving co-workers, and simply transferring on doesn’t trigger them the identical concern as others, resulting from their incapability to authentically expertise their lives.

Relationships Dangers

Sustaining genuine relationships is difficult for people that suffer from HPD as they’ve spent a lifetime “playacting” their emotions. This diminishes their potential to kind intimate relationships, as they’re sometimes incapable of being sincere with others after they can’t be sincere with themselves. Sadly, their lack of take care of deep connections can depart buddies and companions feeling frozen out and empty.

The histrionic paradox is that these people assume their relationships with others are a lot deeper and extra intimate than they really are. As a result of they haven’t any understanding of self-intimacy or authenticity, they assume that even informal buddies are “besties” or that every one romantic relationships or informal hook-up companions are “soulmates.” But these relationships are sometimes hole, missing actual substance.

Sending out sexually charged alerts and dressing in sexually provocative methods are a part of the sample for people with HPD. Not unexpectedly, these overt efforts to draw the sexual gaze of others might be skilled as a risk to buddies whose companions often is the goal of those efforts. This risk to the steadiness of their very own relationships can lead these buddies to “break up” with the particular person displaying these histrionic behaviors as an act of self-preservation and relationship safety.

Histrionic people are inclined to burn bridges in relationships, however they don’t essentially mourn these losses the identical method the oldsters they’ve left behind may. Former buddies, ex-partners, and members of the family could present signs of melancholy and endure from grief and isolation as they fall out of focus for the particular person with HPD. Histrionic people are in a position to let go of previous failures and hold their eyes educated on their subsequent potential conquest.

Type of Narcissistic, however Type of Not

Histrionic individuals crave the identical degree of consideration that narcissists do, however the kind of consideration that satisfies a histrionic particular person is markedly totally different from what narcissists demand. Narcissists have inflated self-images that are maintained by way of exhibits of admiration and reward from others. People with HPD typically have low shallowness, and their starvation for consideration is glad whether or not they obtain optimistic or destructive consideration. They could willingly make fools of themselves if it can get them the eye they crave; a narcissist, nevertheless, will do all the pieces doable to keep away from dropping face as their self-image is all the pieces to them.

Consideration Important Reads

Eight Signs of Histrionic Persona Dysfunction

Histrionic persona disordered people constantly interact in behaviors designed to draw the eye of others, whether or not they’re considered because the hero who deserves exaltation or the sufferer who wants rescue. To that finish, they exhibit elevated ranges of emotional dysregulation and use their emotional shows to draw the viewers they should feed their starvation for consideration. Based on the DSM-5, histrionic persona dysfunction is first exhibited in early maturity and is identified when 5 of those eight signs are exhibited:

  1. Is uncomfortable when they don’t seem to be the focal point
  2. Engages in inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative habits to realize consideration
  3. Shows quickly shifting and superficial expression of feelings
  4. Constantly makes use of their bodily look (make-up, clothes, physique language) to attract consideration to self
  5. Makes use of an excessively obscure type of speech that lacks element
  6. Engages in theatrical, performative behaviors and exaggerated expressions of emotion
  7. Is suggestible and simply influenced by others round them
  8. Considers relationships to be extra intimate than they really are


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