Four Ways to Combat the Drug Overdose Epidemic

4 Methods to Fight the Drug Overdose Epidemic


Information concerning the accelerating rise in loss of life by drug overdose hits the headlines in our nation nearly weekly. A report from the CDC, which was launched on Could 11, 2022, signifies that one drug overdose loss of life occurred each 5 minutes within the U.S. in 2021, a rise of 15% from 2020, and the 12 months’s loss of life toll crossed the 100,000 mark for the primary time.

What’s behind this, and what might be accomplished?

The issue

The unfold of artificial opioids is, largely, responsible. Produced in clandestine laboratories, these extremely potent medication are fairly lethal. Fentanyl—one of many extra standard artificial opioids—prompted extra overdose deaths than every other drug final 12 months. It’s extremely potent, and due to this fact even small quantities may cause speedy respiratory suppression and loss of life, particularly in folks with little prior expertise with opioid use.

One motive for the latest unfold of synthetics is that drug trafficking patterns have modified. Rising issue getting medication throughout the border has led drug producers to change from farming opium poppies to drug manufacturing in laboratories. Cartels are discovering it simpler to provide and distribute artificial opioids with out getting caught as in comparison with plant-derived medication like heroin. Drug management officers are calling the unfold of synthetics a “nightmare.”

The pandemic has fueled the unfold of artificial opioids additionally. For one factor, isolation from quarantining led extra folks to hunt consolation in medication of abuse. Secondly, it made border crossing harder, favoring unlawful drug manufacturing domestically.

Why the artificial opioid downside is so exhausting to deal with

Individuals who develop an dependancy to artificial opioids have a singular set of obstacles to face once they need to cease.

  • First, it may be tougher to get began on relapse prevention therapy. Remedy-assisted therapy (MAT) is a main therapy for opioid use dysfunction (OUD). There are three main medicines that assist promote restoration: extended-release naltrexone (Vivitrol), buprenorphine (i.e., Suboxone), and methadone. When fentanyl is somebody’s drug of alternative, it may be tougher to provoke buprenorphine and naltrexone as a result of fentanyl stays within the physique longer than different opioids, like heroin, and these two remedies have some opioid-blocking results. If opioids are nonetheless within the system when somebody takes their first dose of both, folks can go into opioid withdrawal, which might be extraordinarily uncomfortable. Sadly, buprenorphine and naltrexone each have benefits over methadone, the third possibility, as a result of they’ve diminished overdose danger and potential for abuse.
  • Second, artificial opioids are sometimes blended with stimulants like methamphetamine. Due to this fact, lately addictions to each opioids and stimulants are widespread. Individuals who use multiple substance have a tougher time staying in restoration once they attempt to give up. Animal research present that publicity to one of many two medication will set off drug-seeking behaviors for each medication; relapse to at least one could set off relapse to the opposite.
  • The third impediment is extra speculative. May fentanyl be extra addictive than a number of the different opioids because of its excessive efficiency? Does it have extra highly effective results on the reward circuitry, and will it, due to this fact, be extra reinforcing and tougher for folks to give up? To this point, few research have been accomplished to reply this query. Clinicians report that individuals with artificial opioid issues have a tougher time staying in restoration. Extra analysis on this space is required.

Modern options

There are a number of novel approaches beneath research or accessible as we speak that particularly goal the artificial opioid downside.

  • Fentanyl take a look at strips: Most of the individuals who overdose on fentanyl are by no means even conscious that they’re taking fentanyl in any respect. Counterfeit tablets containing artificial opioids are marketed as different opioids, like oxycodone, or sedatives, like alprazolam. Excessive-schoolers are at significantly excessive danger of taking fentanyl with out figuring out it and overdosing. Fentanyl take a look at strips permit folks to check whether or not fentanyl is current in a drug they’ve simply bought to know what they’re taking. States throughout the nation are legalizing the checks in order that hurt discount packages or faculties can distribute them. Nonetheless, not all states are on-board with legalization. For instance, Florida’s legislature maintained the take a look at strips’ standing as drug paraphernalia and due to this fact unlawful.
  • Fentanyl vaccines: Drug vaccines have been beneath research for a number of a long time for nicotine and cocaine. The idea behind a drug vaccine is that it’s going to induce the physique to provide anti-drug antibodies in order that upon use, the prevailing antibodies would bind to the drug, rendering it inert and stopping each the excessive and the overdose. Nonetheless, regardless of this, vaccines haven’t discovered their technique to the market on account of considerably disappointing ends in human research. Nonetheless, there’s a rising curiosity and analysis into this type of product once more for artificial opioids with some promising findings in some animal research.
  • Low-dose buprenorphine inductions: People who use fentanyl are afraid of beginning buprenorphine as a result of higher-risk precipitated withdrawal. A buprenorphine speedy overlap initiation (ROI) protocol (also referred to as “speedy micro-dosing”) using small, escalating doses of buprenorphine could possibly overcome this barrier, early research say, permitting folks to achieve therapeutic doses in 3 to 4 days with out extreme quantities of withdrawal.
  • Methadone take-homes: Recall that methadone is one in every of three main opioid use dysfunction remedy-based remedies. It’s a long-acting opioid and is just distributed in specially-licensed clinics. When beginning out, most sufferers obtain their doses beneath supervision, with day by day visits to those clinics. Over time, with extra time abstinence from illicit opioids, they’re allowed to have increasingly take-home doses. With the pandemic, many methadone clinics loosened the restrictions for take-homes and located it was surprisingly unusual for folks to promote their methadone or overtake it and overdose. Since naltrexone and buprenorphine are harder to begin in individuals who have an issue with artificial opioids, methadone is perhaps a greater possibility, particularly if faster transitions to take-home doses make a methadone routine extra sensible.

Ongoing efforts that profit therapy for every type of opioid use dysfunction, reminiscent of growing entry to therapy in underserved and rural areas and making naloxone, a life-saving overdose antidote, accessible, must be prioritized, too.

In conclusion

Artificial opioids, together with fentanyl, are an growing downside. Doubtless the drug overdose epidemic is right here to remain for some time. A lot work nonetheless must be accomplished to find out learn how to greatest fight it on the analysis, public coverage, and therapy ranges. However, regardless of the dire statistics, there has additionally been progress, and there may be motive to hope.


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